Thursday, September 24, 2015


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By Angeline M Duran Santiago

Ever seen it? Ever heard about it?
I have.
I've seen it, lived it, and seen it destroy in so many ways.

Christians against Christians.
One makes a comment and another one comes out of their face as if there's something to defend. Wasn't that brother just making a comment? It's like they feel they were born with the purpose of correcting, instructing and shutting down anyone they deem a threat to their position or popularity in church.

Christians against Christians.
We get jealous. We become envious. We gossip and back talk the brother and sister in the Lord, the one who we sing with about getting ready to see the face of God. 

Christians against Christians.
We shut people down if they're not like us.
We stand in their way if we wish we could do what they're doing but don't have the same grace, the same favor or anointing. We try to imitate them and take their place, pushing them aside and then going around like we're blessed, we're filled and we're called to do what we're doing.

Christians against Christians.
I guess it's the easiest way to keep the devil out of the way. We don't have any reason to blame him because the believers are doing the destruction all on their own. You see, instead of imitating Christ, we imitate the world. Instead of loving like God asks us to , we love the way the world does- with limits and conditions, with selfish motives, with our groups and false hugs.

Christians against Christians.
We embrace the agendas of this world because God is Love and of course God would never be anything less. So, we water down the Gospel, we talk about love and not sin, and we accept everything and anything so that we can be accepted and loved by everyone, even if it means putting the message of the Gospel to the side.

Christians against Christians
Getting ready to argue and fight for a cause and an agenda God has not called us to defend. We talk for others when no one has asked us to talk for them. We want to do for God but never do what God has asked us to do. We want to love everyone, every religion, every walk of life, every new movement and every lifestyle but we don't love our brethren in the Lord. We are ready to throw down with those who stand at the Cross with us and pray with us.

We criticize, we reject people, we work with great passion to destroy their ministry and calling. We laugh and humiliate people who rise up to be bold for the Lord. We say, "Crazy!" and "Stupid" to people who go into the streets to preach and share God's message. We take the ideas people bring to the table during a meeting, make it our own by crossing out their name, and then push them either back to sit down on the pews, or push them out the doors because in reality, they're just not our "fit" of "Style" for the church so they gotta go. 

We behave like the church is a social club, like a golf club that only the elite can buy their way in. We treat Christian preachers with differences if they pat us on the back when we hide our garbage and sin behind the pulpit. So, we treat some preachers like GOD and we treat other preachers like yesterday's news, unwanted and outdated. We look for ways to get into politics so that we can be socially correct and socially accepted, but never really interested in being correct and accepted by the One who sent His Son to die for us on that cross.

Well, by now you either are upset with me, or you agree that Christians need to stop fighting Christians. God doesn't want us fighting, complaining, bickering, being gossipers and envious. God doesn't want us being a two-face, back stabbers and liars. Please, stop the lies. Stop always being on the defensive- It always ain't about you.

Stop making it personal and your mission to bring Christians down when you're supposedly one of them. Stop acting like God sent you to say something when there is nothing Godly in your message. If it don't go with His Word, keep it to yourself. So, it's up to you, what will you do?
Will Christians keep attacking and beating down believers or will we stand side by side, holding hands and praise the Lord, work to build His kingdom and love, truly love!

It's up to you.
As for me, 
I just don't want to see it anymore....
Christians against Christians.



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