Tuesday, October 6, 2015


By Angeline M Duran Santiago

I know you....
You're that tall, beautiful tree
I see every morning,
Oh, yeah, It's me, also.
Sometimes I sit on that bench over there
Right across you
Yep, with my books,
always reading,
But, you,
well, you look different...
What's wrong?
You've always been so strong,
Majestic, powerful,
So beautiful here among these other new trees
who have barely begun to grow.
I took pictures with my family with you behind us
Yes, when they were little,
They're all grown now,
And you,
You look different....
Your branches that once raised up high and mighty
Seem bent and fallen
Your leaves, well, 
Are your leaves falling?

They're changing colors
and I know Fall is here,,
something is not the same.
You are sad, down and as if you're ready to sit down
on this bench over here with me.

Oh, beautiful tree,
Strong and precious tree,
Tree that has been a refuge to so many
Place of comfort
Seat of silence for those who need an escape
Are your leaves falling?
Is that the reason you weep?

It's ok, dear Oak
I promise you that the winter winds will not destroy you,
I promise you that the snow will not stop your heart,
The cold rains that are to come will not crush your roots
For you are Strong
You are the Oak
The Tree that has been here for ages
Unmovable, Unbending, Relentless
Even in the winter
Raise your branches high and worship
Even through the storms,
Keep your eyes upward and trust Him,
Even through the snow and the blizzards
Let not your heart be troubled
But trust in Him.
He created you and He loves you.

You my friend,
You, my brother
My sister,
My child that God blessed me with,
My husband,
Mom and Dad,
you are the Oak tree
You are the strength so many see
You are the beauty so many see
And sometimes, many times,
Life hurts
The storms come
and our leaves change colors
Our leaves begin to fall
Just as the Oak stands through the storm
Just as the Oak remains strong through the tempest
Just as the tree stays still through the hardships,
Stand still and remain hopeful.
The Oak knows that the storms will pass
And after winter
Spring will return.

Dear Tree, Dear Oak, Dear love,
The winter will come
But it will not stay forever.
God will make his light and warmth shine on you
Even through the cold of the night.
Your leaves may be falling
and soon you will be bare,
But the heavenly arms of our Saviour
will stretch forth to hold you
and keep you through the winter hours.

Remain strong
Hold on to Jesus
Let your hope and faith stay still.
Stay ever strong, 
Beautiful Oak
Beautiful You.



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