Wednesday, November 25, 2015


-By Angeline M Duran Santiago

I listen in on what's going on in my kitchen. Two of my kids are in there, Christmas carols softly playing and they're busy making Pumpkin pie. Right now, I'd call that a piece of heaven on Earth. There's nothing like observing happiness in action. I'm thankful for their heart and for their love of giving to others. Physically, they're not feeling too great, but their spirit to prepare something to give to others tomorrow keeps them going, even when they should take a break and just rest.
And, I guess I call that a reason for crazy thankfulness.
It's the things we rarely think about thanking the Lord for.
Perhaps you will find yourself agreeing with me on some of the things I share and with others you may be like, where is this lady going with this?
So, here I go,
with my crazy thankfulness.

I'm thankful for our putt putt car outside.
It took Frankie to work, went and got my son, my daughter and me and brought us all safely home.
I'm thankful for this apartment. Yes, this tiny apartment.
There is no living room, no dining room, and the kitchen, well, at least two of us fit there at the same time. I am thankful for the heat filling the rooms and the hot water to shower.
I am grateful for a space for the beds for each one of my children and for my hubby and me.

I am thankful for the buses I took this morning because they were on time.
I am thankful for my job and for the food provided at work today.
I am thankful for my co-workers who shared from the bounty of their blessings and made sure that I ate throughout the day.
Lord, thank you for their loving hands reaching out to me.

Lord, I am thankful for my paycheck.
Thank you that I was able to pay my bills and that there is food in our home.
Thank you Lord that I have what I need.
Thank you for my boots, my coat, and my shoes.
Thank you Lord, for my quilts, my many warm quilts and especially my pillows.

Lord, I am thankful for my cell phone.
I was able to talk to my parents and text my dad who was joking around this morning.

I am grateful Lord for friends that take time to say hello and I'm praying for you.
I am thankful for family and that we will be together during the holidays.
Lord, thank you for my son's diabetic supplies.
Thank you for the Insulin and for his pump working the way it should.

Lord, thank you for my health insurance.
Thank you for the strength in my legs and in my bones.
Thank you for my eyes.
Lord, thank you for my hands that can write and type.
Thank you for my mind, a sound mind, a mind that knows you, Lord.
Thank you Lord for my heart beating because you command it to keep going.
Thank you for each breath of air and each step I take.
I am crazy thankful for the days when things go wrong because I can pray.
Thank you Lord for the mess ups and the heartbreaks because they lead me to you.
Thank you for my failures and my errors, because they remind me you are still in control of my life, even when it seems out of control. You put all things back in place. You give me peace. You direct me and re-establish my path. You restore me in my brokenness and you fill me when I am empty.

Thank you for the dark moments in my life because without them I would never have seen that You are the Light that shines in my life.
Thank you for the days of pain and sorrow
Because I learned to listen to you and wait on you.
I learned to give you my pain and I learned that you are my healer.
You move in my life like only You can, Lord.

Thank you, Lord.
I am crazy thankful for my family.
I am crazy thankful for this lap top where I can write just how thankful I really am.
Thank you Lord for the things I don't want to be thankful for.
I am still waiting for prayer to be answered,
I don't want to thank you for sickness or areas of lack,
But, I will thank you for your hand in my life and in my family through every sickness and every moment when there have been needs.
I will thank you even then because it has been in those hard moments that I was able to see who you are in my life, more than wonderful, Lord, more than life to me.

I end it here,
My crazy thankfulness,
and hope you too,
Are filled with crazy thankfulness unto the Lord.



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