Tuesday, November 24, 2015



When you look in the mirror
I know what you see,
Or at least,
I think I do...

You see the shame of yesterday

Staring at you 
Making you remember the moments of shame
The hours of pain
That you never volunteered for
Yet they carried you away
Away into the hurtful place
You tried to run
You tried to yell out
But help didn't come
And you drowned in the moment of despair
Confused and abandoned to the screams inside your head that your mouth couldn't utter
Used and left like a dirty rag
Kicked to the side
Waiting to be picked up
But there was no one to see you
No one to hear you
No one to take hold of you and help you run
Run into the shadows
and hide from the reality of what had just happened,


And day after day,
You look in the mirror and you remember,
Then you forget for a season and you laugh
You smile and believe again
You live again for just a moment
Until, a building
A number
A word
A sound or a scent
Rush you back into that yesterday
When your innocence was taken
When your confidence was mistaken for easiness
When your words were not enough
And your No was believed to mean a Yes.

You look into the mirror
And you blame yourself,
You hate what you see because no matter
how much make up you put on,
You feel the stain of every finger upon you,
No matter the hairstyle or the clothes
You still want another moment in the shower
To erase and remove the scars that only you see.

You look in the mirror and feel cheated
You wonder if you're so worthless that you'd be so easy a target for someone to hurt you so wrong,

But, I look in the mirror behind you and I see,
I see someone whom God has always showed favor on
I see someone who is beautiful


without the make up, the clothes and the pretty hair,
I see someone who has been chosen from the foundation of the world to be a great voice
that pierces through the darkness,
A menace, 
A threat to the powers of wickedness
And that is why you've been a target
From your childhood,
They've seen the mark of the Lord upon you
And they've watched and observed and looked for ways
to deceive, destroy and kill your spirit.

Plans have been executed against you,
Schemes have been created to demolish you,
Armies of demonic beings have come together and gathered around you to push you down and keep you down,
But, look at you,
Through it all,
You are still standing
You are still here,
Because God wants you to look in the mirror one more time and see the power of God all around you
God's presence in you and with you


He wants to walk with you and be your shield
He has set you apart though you believe He has abandoned you and no longer cares
His love for you remains and never fails, although you feel He is not worth your time because if he really loved you he would've never allowed you to be captured, hurt, used and left for dead on the side of the road.
But, he heard you when you wept
He walked with you when you were alone on the street
Alone on the train
Alone, waiting for the bus or the taxi
He was with you.

He watched over you when you pushed him away
He remained and waited.

So, please, go back to the mirror
And let each image shatter in Jesus Name
Let the only truth you see is the truth of God in you
Let every lie, every memory that haunts you, 
Let it crumble
For this mirror, mirror on the wall,
Speaks not the truth, never at all,
The only true reflection is what you'll find
In God's word, In God's presence.

The mirror
It calls you and shows you the past
The mirror of God's heart
Calls you and reminds you of your destiny.

What will you do,
The mirror is before you
What will you choose to see
When you look again
Yesterday's nightmare
Today's new beginning with God before you?

-Written by Angeline M Duran Santiago




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