Thursday, November 5, 2015


By Angeline M Duran Santiago

What do we do when the faith we express, the testimony we share and the joy we release is attacked? There are those who say they, "I used to be religious, but I know better now. I don't believe that way anymore." Then, you have the ones who say, "Oh, honey, you're still in that first love. Wait til you see how those church people really are. Come back when they've all back stabbed you and then tell me again about how wonderful this walk in Christ is."
You have the ones that have this Spirit to teach you all about the truth because all they do is study and study some more so that they can prove to everyone that what they say is in the Bible and it is what it is. 

At the end of it all, with all the different people coming at us, not one has the potential to show me or tell me anything with substance in regards to having or desiring a true relationship with The God of Heaven. There's the Spirit of Debate, The Spirit of Controversy and the Spirit of Competition to see who can outdo the other person in a confrontation. It seems the only agenda is to see how the Christian,( and I am referring here to the true believer who has a sincere heart to love and live for the Lord,) is put in their place, brought to a hopeful place of turbulence or confusion and hopefully, in front of many, embarrassed, ridiculed and proven unable to talk truth about their "God".

When I write about what has done in my life, don't ask me to talk about why there are bad things happening in the other parts of the world. When you tune in to find out about the weather in your neighborhood, you put in your zip code to get your weather forecast, not the weather for another state or country. Maybe that's how it is with people sharing about their lives. In my case, I just want to share about what is taking place in me.

When I share about how God has brought me through some tough times in my life, I am not looking for a debate on why I think He is good but then why is it that He is not showing His goodness to others in another part of the world. You see, I think, you're missing the point of what I am trying to share. If God has taken the time to bless someone like me, then he can bless anyone. If He is interested in hearing prayers from someone that can be so down and out and messed up as I have been, then I am more than positive, God can and will respond to the cries of others in any place of the world. He is not just there for me. He is not a good God just for me. He is good for all who call upon His name and believe in His ability to help them and be there for them.

There are many prayers that are yet to be answered. This does not weaken or lessen my faith. It does not prove God is fake or a myth in my weak mind. I believe that in time, if it is to be so, then it will come to be mine. And, because of what God has already done in my life in the past, that helps me to hold on even when life gets hard. He's been there before and He will be there, always and again.

Yes, I know your argument, "the wars, the famine, the hunger in the world, the poverty, and the powers that be...." But, this world has made it clear, perfectly clear that it does not believe in God, it does not want to know about God, and it doesn't want God's Word taught or shared. SO, why are you so interested in why God isn't taking care of things when you have told Him to stay away because oh, that's right, "Shhhh.." He's not real. So, You keep telling Him to keep out then ask me, "Where is He?" So, "No!" I will ask you, "Where is He? Don't you know? Why isn't He responding? Didn't you send Him away?"

The negative attacks and comments will always be there. But, you, dear friend in the Lord, fellow comrade in the Army of the Lord, keep on keeping in your faith. Do not give up. Keep preaching. Keep believing. Keep praying. Continue to share your faith and your testimonies. Continue to sing and dance and play your songs to the Almighty God. Keep writing about faith and prayer. Don't let a negative comment on your page freeze you, instead, let it empower you to write and do more.



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