Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Written By Angeline M Duran Santiago

You have
Inside you
Around you
Within you,
A purpose greater than the goals and the dreams you set for yourself when you were just a child,
Planning high school choices
Planning college days
Planning love stories

You have
Inside you
A calling from on high
That even when you have served
Him with all your heart
and have walked in the anointing
you have yet to understand that there is more
Because He is
In You 
Calling you forth
Calling you out
Calling us to come closer
But we are happy with the drizzling rain
We are content with the simple showers of blessings
We know that to 
See the greater
We will have to draw near
Come closer
Go down deep into the river
Of his presence
And wait on the Lord

You have
beyond what you imagine
And it is waiting to be born
But we hold on to it
as if nine months of pregnancy is supposed to be eternal
As if infancy is forever

God calls us out and says to us
You have been chosen for something greater
But we are content to stay in the blessing of yesterday
We are satisfied with Sunday's move of the Spirit
We are fine with our situation
And He is saying
You have
You have more to give
You have been called
You have been given so you may give
You have been called out to do more.

What will you do?

Lord, help me to be fearless and go forth
as you call me into the waters of your presence,
Lord, help me dive into the ocean of your presence and lose myself in your word.
Guide me and allow me to understand your plan for my life
Help me to walk according to your ways and not mine.
Use my life for your glory!
Let my life be yours.
Have your way in my home, Lord.
Unleash in me what needs to be set free so that I may
be used for your purpose according to your plan and will.



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