Wednesday, November 4, 2015


By Angeline M Duran Santiago

Perhaps you've read some of the pieces I've written?
Perhaps you just stopped by when you saw the title and were interested, and wondering, took a few minutes to see if it was something worth reading until the end?

Or, Maybe, you're the person who so graciously took the time to, (whether you did read it or not) took your precious time to add your comment at the end of the blog,
"There is no God!"

I guess, my first thought was, "Did the blog anger you?" There was an exclamation mark at the end of your comment, so therefore I must make the assumption that your comment was loud and angry.

Next, I wondered, as I read your other comments, "Did this person really read what I wrote and did they truly comprehend and understand what I was trying to relate?" Obviously their comment had nothing to do with the body of the text. There was no evidence in their commentary that their thoughts had been provoked through anything I had written or shared. So, then I deducted that this person just need to vent.

So, if they needed a space to vent and share their thoughts, and especially if they were upset with people sharing about a God who is good and caring, and they have not seen or experienced that in their personal life, then, this whole blog on God caring about them had sort of just been the last drop in the bucket and they decided to let go and write, "There is no God! He is not real! He does not care! Where is He? Where is He when there are millions suffering and dying?"

And on and on the questions came.
There is a God.
Just because you have not called out to Him, and just because the door to your heart remains closed to Him, doesn't mean He is not real or is not longing to walk in through the door of your life to sit with you and love you.

There is a God.
He cares about the hurting and the suffering in every corner of the world. People have made their choices who they want to believe in, who they want to serve and who they will call upon in their time of need. Even when people push God away, He is still reaching out to humanity, but we push Him out and tell Him to stay out!

There is a God who cares and listens.
We tell him he is not welcomed in our midst.
We invite and invoke other gods, other spirits, other deities and the presence of other entities, behaving towards them as if they have more and greater power. Regardless of what we may believe, at the end of it all, The God of Heaven still is and will always remain, Lord of all, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Our choice to say he doesn't exist doesn't stop Him for being.
Our freedom to say he has no power doesn't limit his power to freely work in the lives of those who trust in His Name.
Our fight to remove Him from our midst to push forth agendas that promote every other belief and agenda contrary to that which shows God's Word as truth, will not and cannot in any way diminish or remove God's Word or truth from the hearts and minds of those who have genuinely had a heart to heart encounter with His love, His forgiveness and His mercy.

It's a heart thing.
It's not a mind thing where we play mind games to see who can prove which side is correct, the God side or the "No God" side. It's something in the heart of people that you can't see and you can't take away. It's faith that will only come when you surrender your all, your hurt, and your pride.

Well, that's it.
To, "There is no God!" I say, "There is..." But, I can't prove it to you with my words. It's a "Between you and God and in your heart-thing". It's about, "Asking and Receiving what He offers you-by faith-" He loves you even if you don't love Him back. He is there for you, even if you don't care that He is even on your side.

Keep reading my blogs. I hope you visit again and again. I don't mind your comments because it lets me know that maybe somehow, somewhere in your heart, you're wondering and hoping, when you say, "There's no God!" you just may be crying out, "God, are you there?"



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