Tuesday, May 10, 2016


By Angeline M Duran Santiago

Do you see her?
Right there......
On her knees,
Sitting down,
Leaning again the pole,
On the bed.

Do you see her?
She is tired.
She's been praying.
Crying out to God.

When Lord?
When and how long?

Arms downcast,
Face is tear stained,
Words are few,
But I see her.
And to her I will speak.

Get up.
Listen to the song that is playing.
This song is for you.

Hear the words and let the words become the directions you will follow.
Let each word lead and guide you.

Open up the ears of your heart and invite the words and the music to flow.
Allow your tired and heavy legs to carry you into the middle of the room.

Command your feet to feel the call of the drum,
Asking you to move forward,
Taking your stance
Daring to dance
Renewing your strength
Restoring your faith
Declaring you winner over this moment
And the next
Because you have taken your pain
and your exhaustion,
The doctor's report
And what you see going on in your life,
You've taken the enemy's lies
And placed them on the dance floor with your prayer
Your declaration of trust in the Powerful Name of Jesus.

I dare you to dance!
I dare you to sing!
I dare you to move those old, achy bones
and praise the Living God like there's no other way out.

Worship the Lord with each word of the song,
Let the words direct each movement,
Set yourself free to follow the leading of Holy Spirit
and you will see
What the Spirit of God will do in your home
As you dance away your despair
and Dare
to be renewed and restored
in your dance unto the Lord!




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