Monday, May 16, 2016



By Angeline M Santiago Duran

If I say I am tired then I am making the exhaustion others
are experiencing seem small,
So, I won't say tired,
But I'm heading there.

If I say the waiting period seems an eternity
And it challenges my faith
then I am belittling the things you've done in my past
And I forget that you are still working in my life and in my situation and that if I quit now,
But I can't and I won't,
Because then I am making the waiting period someone else is enduring seem a waste of time
And it isn't,
It's just me, Lord.
Just me.

So, I tell my head to tell my lungs
To take a deep breath,
Breath and move on,
Keep breathing and move on.

When the sky is falling,
Keep breathing and move on.
Place my eyes on the creator of that sky
And know He will pick up the pieces
He'll place the sky, back up where it belongs.

When my world seems like it's falling apart,
Keep breathing and move on.
Let my focus be on the One who created not only this Earth
But the Universe, what I see and might never see,
So, when I am on an axis, spinning around and around,
Remind me I can take a deep breath
And know, You keep the world from spinning out of control,
You hold me.
So, hold me tighter. Closer. 

When I don't have the answers,
Silence life around me to such a point that I can hear your whispers in the wind.

When my faith wants to crumble,
Glue me to your Word and keep me on my knees.

If my attitude begins to forget that my life is hidden in you,
Remind me
that I am dead to sin and alive to you,
That I have been risen in you and I cannot,
I will not,
I cannot live and act out the way my head wants to sometimes,
Cause Lord, sometimes,
Sometimes I want to lash out
And act out
When it hurts, when I am accused, when the lies seem true,
When others speak falsely
And then you remind me,
To take a deep breath,
Run to you
Keep breathing and move on,
Move forward 
Move onward in this battlefield I fell into
And know that
In You, there is healing
In You, there's deliverance 
In You, there are new beginnings
In You, I have the strength to move onward
In You, I am fearless,
In You, I am who You say I am.

The wind outside cries something fierce
Spring seems more like Winter 
all upset because it's here again 
And yet, 
You tell me to concentrate on You
On Your Word
In Your Presence
Keep breathing
And move on. 

thank you for prayers that have not yet been answered because I know that you're in control. Thank you for prayers that you have answered, for your many blessings, seen and unseen. Thank you for the work you are doing in my life and in my family, even when it seems that the enemy has the upper hand, please remind him that you have promised my family victory and that we belong to you, and that you don't believe in "take backs". 
I bless your name, Lord.




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