Thursday, June 30, 2016


Amen, in Jesus name I accept my blessings of desires in abundance of immeasurable proportion, I accept salvation by confessing with my mouth that you my Lord Jesus, King of kings are my Lord and Savior, my God, because of you father everything I speak comes to fruition commanded by the Holy Ghost, through the everlasting love of Jesus Christ, embraced in Gods mercy and grace. Amen...  Lisa Christiansen, child of the one true king ΙΧΘΥΣ :

"Come and dance with me."
Hear the music that calls out your name.
Allow each instrument to be heard on its own,
And then allow your senses to hear each sound as they
run from each corner of the room and splash into each other
Forming a sound for your dance,
the music that calls out to you
to You.

Cries out the music, each musical note transforming into outstretched arms.
"Come near and let me lead you in the dance."

 Lord I give you my heart,  I give you my soul,  I live for you alone.  Every breath that I take , Every moment I'm awake,  Lord have your way in me!!:

She who hears the strumming of each guitar string, the violins and the drums,
Rises from her bed of sorrows and she sits upon the edge of her bed.
Lifting up her hands and covering her tear streaked face,
She cries out, "No! It hurts too much! I can not get up from this bed! 
How can you call me out with my heart is filled with pain?
How can you ask me to follow when my mind is filled with misery?"

"Come," says the One holding the violin,
"Come to me all who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest." (1)
With a broken spirit, the woman yields to the invitation and pushes her body to follow the sound of the violin. She hears the sound, the beautiful sound, and at the invitation to bring her heavy burdens to the One playing the violin to her heart, she lays her heart down and at His feet, she allows her
heart, so filled with hurt and sadness, to be poured out like thousands of faucets opening for the first time.

"Come," He says, placing the violin down and picking up the guitar.

"Come, I will again have compassion on you. I will tread your iniquities underfoot and cast all your sins into the depths of the sea."(2)

He hears from the hidden place in his mind. He holds the broom in his hand and as his sweeps the floor, he wishes he could sweep the broken rooms in his heart. (5)The places in his thoughts and in his memories that he's worked so hard to keep hidden. Oh, how they've worked so hard to resurface and remind him of the past, the torment, the abuse, the neglect and the help that never came. "Blame God and die!" "Take your own life!" "No one loves you!" In the midst of the taunting lies, the guitar calls out to him.
"Come and do not delay."

"They will know my story." He responds, "I cannot follow. There is so much shame in my life. Leave me here in the shadows." The guitar player looks at him and changes the soft call from what seemed a simple lullaby to his heart, to a thunderous call. "Run!" calls the One who plays the guitar, "Run and do not look back. Come and I will make all things new!"(3)

Psalm 105:2:

 The broken man places his broom to this side and with great heaviness in his heart, and his head hung in shame, he walks. As the strumming of the guitar changes, he begins to feel the song of forgiveness taking form in his heart and he runs towards the One who calls him to come and dance where the old is gone and all is made new. He comes near to the Musician and unable to contain the emotions in his heart, he falls on his knees, with his hands on his face, and he cries out a prayer to the tune of the music moving throughout his entire being.

The One with the guitar places it down and gives His back to those who have come running to Him. He turns to the musical instruments, lifts His hands and commands each instrument to come to attention. In unison they begin to follow the Conductor and play for each life that has listened to the music. He leads them in a song of deliverance and invites them to dance before Him. He turns to the drums and with one movement of his hand, all the other instruments fall silent. The drums begin to play away, a sound of war and deliverance, a sound of freedom.

Bible Verse on Pointe Shoes!  Amazing idea for real dancing girls!!! and guys of course!! ~Alyssa Penner:

And as He plays, I invite you who read, you who are broken and with your heart heavy and sad. I call unto you who feel abandoned, unloved and like your life is falling apart. I call upon you who are tired and confused and feel like it's not worth to live another day, I call unto you to come, run into His presence and dance. For in the dance, in the music, you will experience His love and His presence. His Love will wrap itself like musical lines with notes all around you. He will sing over you and rejoice over you with His love. (4)The One who plays each instrument, is the One who loves you beyond your imagination. There is nothing so horrible that He will turn you away. Your shame is not a reason to hide and stay away from Him. He plays for you and puts out his hand to you. "Will you come and dance?"

I imagine my God as the player of each instrument and as the Conductor of this imaginary symphony. My heart also imagines that His message of Love is also a call, an invitation to all who have lost hope to come and listen to his words. In my mind, I try to create a picture that shows God's love like a song that invites you to come into His presence and dance away your hurts, lay down every burden and begin a new life filled with Promises from the Lord. (6)Will the dance completely change your life? Maybe not. But the Lord, God Almighty who offers to be with you, will definitely change your situation, no matter how dark, how sad, how angry, and how horrifying it seems today.

When the spirit of Yahweh moves in my heart, I will dance like David danced!!:


Rise up and dance your way into God's presence. There is nothing impossible or hard for Him. He will carry you through your heartaches, your memories, your sickness and your sadness. 
Come and join me in the dance. In my heart, I rise and begin to dance, respond to His call on to the dance floor. There is room for you and you and you. Come, listen to God gently calling you. I pray and hope to dance with you there one day as well. 

Written by Angeline M Duran Santiago

Scripture References: In every area you've seen a number with parenthesis, here are the scriptures I was thinking of while I was writing. I pray they are a blessing to you:

(1)Matthew 11:28
(2)Micah 7:19
(3)2 Corinthians 5:17
(4)Zephaniah 3:17
(5)Mark 5:3
(6)Romans 7:6

Thursday, June 23, 2016


~Written By Angeline M Duran Santiago

The lights are extreme.They're hot and so powerful I have to keep my eyes closed.
Cold. Colder than cold. The room is a human refrigerator and I can't get out.
Someone dressed in white gently places their hand upon my shoulder. "Are you alright?" He asks. "You're going to be okay. Just relax."
A beeping sound fills my mind and His Words resonate once again. "You're going to be okay."
Open heart surgery has begun. The cutting tools lay on the tray, cleaned, disinfected and ready to cut away every layer of skin that needs to be cut in order to get to my heart.
"Oh, Lord," I try to cry out, "How did I get here?"

I'm waiting to fall asleep but realize no one has placed an IV on my arm to anesthetize my scared mind and body. "Wait!" I want to cry out. "I'm wide awake! I am going to feel everything! You can't start surgery yet!"

His face. I see His face turn towards me once more and He smiles. "It's okay. I am here with you. I will never leave you alone. It's going to be okay."

As His words come to an end, my mind is bombarded with a million rewinds of my past.
Multiple screens turn on and memories begin to play. Memories that are vivid and real. Memories that don't just speak out loudly, but memories I begin to feel.


Every heart break. Those moments in my life as a child where I was hurt and torn apart. I see those scenes where I was tormented in school and on my way home. I relive the painful details of things that happen in most families, the misunderstandings and the arguments. I see my mom's tears and I want to wipe them away but my arms can't move. I see my little brother helpless on the bed and I can't bring him back to life. I see the many struggles my mom went through, alone. Moments with fake friends, people trying to use me and get over come to mind. I relive loneliness and experience emotions I thought were gone. I see moments where I felt unwanted and unloved among my childhood peers. I hear the laughter and I'm the one they're laughing at. I see the dates I had in my youth and how practically every young man I dated only dated me to try to get inside my pants, even the Christian ones. I run. I run and I don't know where I am running.

The movies are filled with nightmares. I want to die over and over again. This is my life I am looking at, my past. I hear someone telling my mom I've lost my mind and need to be put away in a mental institution. "I'm not losing my mind! I'm just so broken up inside!" I see scenes of my life as I begin to get older and it seems everything and everyone around me is cheering for my fall. Against me. So few on my side. Oh, how reliving this is hurting.

Open heart surgery has begun.


I didn't want to be here, but here we are. Lord, layer after layer of my life has been exposed as You cut away and break away. Lord, it aches to have to relive what I can't change. It bothers me to listen to the words others spoke against me. How I've been lied to! Lord, they stopped me from moving forward. Dear God, they took so much away from me, from my life and my purpose. Did you see that, Lord? Why didn't you stop it from happening?

Open heart surgery has begun.

"I'm removing the past so you don't have to live there anymore. I'm taking apart all those broken areas in your life that you've been holding on to so that you can make room for healing and my love to fill you. I'm cutting away every damaged portion of your life, the hurts, the words, actions against you, things that happened in school, at work, and even things that were done to you by those you trusted in church. I'm doing a new thing." I look into the eyes of the One speaking to me. He is operating. I am opened to Him and cannot hide. "Lord, no! Don't look at that part of my life. I am filled with shame and disgust! Please turn away!" I cry out. "I have to see it,"He responds. "If I don't find it, I can't take cut it out from the root."

Open heart surgery is in progress.

The beeping in the room has turned to crying. I hear the wails of my past when I cried out to God that He would let me disappear. I hear the cries of my family asking God for a miracle, and Lord, you were silent so many times. I listen to voices I wish I had never listened to before. Men that tried to hurt me. Women that pretended to be my friends. Decisions I made without taking the time to seek counsel or wait for the right moment. Lord, I've lost it all! I'm stuck! My life is such a mess. I hear my failures spoken out into the wind. "God, please stop this!" He looks away. "This too must be exposed. Every area of your life, every corner in your past, in your heart, everything must be removed. It is the only way to make all things new."

Open heart surgery is almost done.

 I don't know if He is stitching me up or not. I've become numb and I can no longer cry. The sounds are over and the freezing room has become warm. I look for Him, He who has seen me in all my ugliness and all my pain, I look for Him. "Close me up," I whisper. "Don't leave me here to die."

He draws near and silently looks at me. His hands are placed ever so gently upon my opened chest. I see love pouring out of Him, healing, and beautiful colors coming forth in the shape of words. New life. Love. Healing. He gets closer and lifts me up, embracing me in a warm embrace of healing love that pours out of His entire life and pours out into my life. His love, His presence begins to close where He had cut away when surgery began. 

Open heart surgery is over.
My heart has been made new.
The past is gone and all things have been made new.
I am in You, Lord.


Why have I written this?
I write not only because of my life but I know there are also many who are still hurting from things in their past. We have confessed Christ and walked into this new life in the Lord but the past seems to keep showing up in our lives and reminding us of so many failures, defeats, and painful moments. So, have we truly given it all to the Lord? Have we truly surrendered every corner and every crevice to our Healer? 

I know so many out there are struggling with depression and thoughts of suicide. I can see so many that feel abandoned even by God. I know there are many that are feeling helpless even as you go to church and sit there every week, not sharing your burdens and your fears. But, I wanted to remind you that God not only cares enough to remove every hurt and every painful memory, He is restoring and making all, I mean all things new- If you and I allow Him to do so.

He knows what you're going through right now. He know what is in your life that doesn't let you go forward. He know the few dollars that are left in your bank account and how you are worried and anxious about your bills, your rent, your car and your next meal. God knows your physical limitations, your stress, your anger and your thoughts. So, then, today, allow your life to be placed in His hands. With me, allow Him to set you forth and down on that operating table and allow God himself to cut away, remove and then heal what needs to be healed.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Written by Angeline M Duran Santiago

Sometimes Love is hard. It's not easy, even if you consider yourself a Christian.
We experience some difficult moments in life that weaken our perspective of love. There are traumatic experiences that make us bitter and angry! 
The scripture says that I have to love others the way God has loved us. 
Well, if that's the case, (and it is) then it pushes me to visit this mandate on a daily basis.
I have to start with examining my heart daily and wholeheartedly pursuing this truth.
To love.
Not to love the way I feel like it, sometimes, or when things are going well.
But, to love even when I much to prefer to give someone a piece of my mind when I've been hurt or when I feel so let down by those I have placed my trust in. God wants me to love even when I pass through the dark memories and relive the past. He wants me to take LOVE and embrace it, place it into my heart and make it part of who I am.


Lord. Dear Lord. The truth is most of my life has not been easy. I don't really know if I've ever learned what Love is supposed to be like. I need to be filled with your love so that I can show it and give it. I think I'm an expert in attempting to love with all my might and everything within me, but each time I lay it all out there, it comes back like a huge bag of hurt and disappointment. Still, you tell me to love. To love like you means I love even when I have been mistreated.

You love and forgive those that have done some extremely horrible things in this life. You love those who deserve death and you offer them life, out of your constant love. You love those who have been abusive and mistreated others and then you don't ask me or give me a choice to love or not love, you simply expect and tell me to LOVE.


Well, Lord, I'm not going to lie or cover up the truth in my heart and in my mind with a blanket. I can't hide the obvious scars on my face from what my life has impressed upon me. People look at me and sometimes they just automatically guess I'm upset, depressed, angry or just in a bad mood. But, Lord, I don't know how to change my face. I am working hard on saying things slower and I'm praying my expressions are filled with your presence, love and genuine care.

You ask me, no you tell me to Love and I obey.
I ask you to fill my heart with more of you, all of you so that I can love even when my mind would much rather walk away and never care for again.
I choose to Love because I know that in loving and forgiving, there is a blessing for me. There is freedom in my heart to love like you love and that must be amazing to love the way you do. Probably, it's painful also. To give love away the way you do and to be ignored, unaccepted and pushed away. Then, you truly understand me. You understand us.


I choose to love because Love covers a multitude of sins. 
I choose to walk in Love because God is love and if He is truly in my heart and I don't love, then I am living a lie. God cannot be in my heart if I don't allow Him to love through me.
I want my home to be God's heart. A place of healing. A home of refuge. Starting with my own kids, my family, and my life, I want and need Love to be painted and nailed into every wall. Oh, Lord, come flood  my home with healing, with restoration, with love. 
I want and need my life to be transformed by God's Love.
Change me. Restore me. Renew me!
Take my stony heart and give me that heart of flesh your word talks about.
Place your words deep in my heart.
I will love because I love you.
I want to love you stronger.


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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Ways to Keep Your Sanity at Home

 By Angeline M Duran Santiago

My usual ramblings have everything to do with living life as a Christian believer. Perhaps you'll find that I don't stick to my usual words of hope and faith as I share today. My words may not carry the tone of a spiritual message, but I pray that even as I open my heart and home to you, that in this simple piece, you are blessed. After a long weekend, and what came out of lots of work, I believe I can write about personal experiences that you may also be able to make some sort of connection with.

It's nothing new.
You and I know everything I am going to share. Truth is maybe you grew up with a mother or father like mine and well, we learned hands on. Home was our first school. Most days we weren't really told what to do, we were invited to join in on the "fun" of housekeeping. The only thing I ever hated as a child was washing dishes. To this day, it is the one thing I try to avoid, but it is the one "gift" that is usually left undone, waiting for me.

So, getting back to keeping my sanity. "Well, did you ever lose it?" You may ask. "Yes! I have."
 I know what it is to be in a home that is so boxed up, without space, and clutter that I can't control. I know what it's like to not have the space to put things away in, like a decent size closet or cabinets for simple groceries." I know firsthand what it's like to do all your laundry and not have a place to put away your clean, folded clothes. I know what it's like to just build shelves and use crates or whatever I can find just to have some sort of organization in an already depressing area. So, this is why I thought that maybe sharing some of my extremely busy weekend moments, you'll thank me later.

Make A Plan:


Big home or little home, it's important to make a plan. The weekend speeds through quickly and before you know it, you're ironing clothes to go back to work on Monday morning. You and I know what we have to do. We need time to sit down and pay bills, read mail that has accumulated over the week, go through our children's book bags/folders (teacher letters we never get) and the list of what to do seems like a one thousand page book we can never complete in one day.

So, plan. Make that "list". Yup, as simple and repetitive as that is (because you already know this) still, make the "list". Write the time of things that need to get done by a certain time. Maybe appointments or places that close early. Make a list of not just your groceries, but other things you may need to buy or get done.

3-groceries (add list)
5-buy popcorn for movie night "tonight"
6- etc. etc.

Get Up Early:

Many people tend to "plan" on sleeping in on weekends. "Hey, I get up early to go to work every day. I deserve a break on Saturdays." True. You work hard for your money and you need a rest. But, if you were to take that same discipline and determination and conquer what needs to get done in your home and in your life during the weekends, using a schedule that you create, you'll get so much completed.

If you just stay in bed, truth is, you may want a little more sleep every few minutes and before you know it, it's 12:00 noon and you've already slept most of the day away. Yes, I know you need the rest, your beauty rest. I do, too. But, if I stay in bed, no one is going to get up, come to my home and get things done.I start with a cup of coffee. Then, I tackle what I can a little at a time. I stick to the list as much as I can.

Don't Procrastinate:


This weekend, we went crazy with doing so much that needed to get done outside and inside our home. For the longest time I've known what had to get done. I had people around me that were able and willing to help. We kept leaving things for the next weekend. I can say that my husband kept saying, "It will get done." But, truth is, he was not getting it done. We didn't delegate work to people around us. My son, Aaron proved to be such a great resource with his hidden skills. He tackled things I had asked my husband to do many times. By showing confidence in our son, the job not only got completed, but it was beautifully done.

We keep saying, "Tomorrow" or "next weekend". The truth is we don't even start. We keep putting things off and then when the letter or phone call comes that we need to have everything done by a certain date, we begin to go crazy. Crunch time settles in and we argue, we throw blame and we get all stressed out. Why? All because we didn't take the time to plan and just get things done. We don't take the initiative to get excited about handling house chores and responsibilities. We have to get it done. Period. No more excuses and no more leaving it all for another day.

Delegate and Work As A Team:


By opening our doors to allow our children to take over some of our needs, they not only proved their love to us, but to one another. I saw my children just come and take over things I was doing. My daughter, Jeru just walked over, took a paint brush and started painting the front porch with me. She motivated my youngest son, Jacob. Before I knew it, Aaron had come over and taken my brush away. My heart was suddenly swollen with such joy that, yup, you know it, tears just came down my face as I observed my kids working so happily as a team. Music filled our home. Laughter that seemed for a long time to come only in small moments filled each room, and even the outdoors.

My parents were present to inspire and coach us on Saturday. They got their hands into the dirt and guided my kids. It was awesome to see them work together. Tree branches were taken care of. The lawn was mowed. Flowers were planted. Things that should have been done weeks ago and had piled up were taken care of with great effort and love.

Take time to Play:

The weekend was spent tackling many house fixtures. As new home owners, we had an inspection due and we really wanted to make an impression to the person coming. We wanted our home to pass the inspection. We wanted our home to say, "TADA! Perfect!" Afterwards, I saw my kids playing and planning time together. I can't tell you what joy to see them, even though they were tired, take time to be together and just enjoy each others company as if they were little kids all over again.

I witnessed the Lord use these moments together to melt down stressful moments. I saw the Lord tear down walls we had built ourselves because we were tired, carrying burdens, offended and sad. I saw healing take place as we just dug our hands into the dirt and did what had to be done. There was no complaining or bickering and if it seemed someone started, we put a stop to it immediately. I saw my family sitting together and wanting to be together.  

Well, now you know. None of us have a perfect family. Very few of us have it all together. Some of us just know how to pretend really well and make it all look good. I don't want to pretend. I want the real deal. I want the home with so much love and understanding, so much of the Lord's presence, and so much of God's will in our home, that I don't have to share about God's love and peace, it will be evident on it's own through our lives lived out loud.

I pray that you have some tools now on how to keep your sanity while you're at home, with a busy life, a family and just plain ups and downs. I pray you will take some of these ideas (which I am positive you said, "I knew that already!") and well, don't just know about it, do it. God will bless you greatly.

Written By Angeline M Duran Santiago


You can't have it!
I know you want it and you want me to give it up to you, but you can't have it!
I refuse to even give you the acknowledgement that you have shown up and gone out of your way to deliberately and in every way possible, attempted to take it.
I understand you think you have permission just because I've been a little stressed and even overwhelmed at times. You feel this importance to just walk in and take it that you can grab it as if you have power to take it the way you take a hostage.

You can't have it!
Not my mind, not my peace, and not my sanity!
You can't even touch it!
Not my peace and surely not my joy!

You come dressed in darkness and you throw you punches. I will not lie. I've felt their sting and the pain of many of them. Many times I have even been knocked down to the ground and it's been a struggle to get up. But, hear me and hear me loud and clear! Even from the ground, as my face lays against the soil and my lips, mixed with blood and dirt, long for a drop of water, even from that floor I shout out to you, "You can't have it!"

You can't have me!
You cannot take what God has offered and what the Lord has given to me!
It is mine.
His Word is hidden in my heart. I'm not going to give you access to the secret room, the door of my heart is locked and you can't come in to touch God's Word in my life. It is planted and like an Ivy plant that grow wrapping itself around and around, creating a vine, God's word is wrapped around my heart and my mind. God's word has penetrated deep into the pours and every cell of what lays inside of me, so, "No!" You can't touch it.
God's word has been invisibly branded with Holy Ghost fire upon my heart. When you see me walking, you cannot see His Word engraved like an everlasting tattoo upon my life, but look a little closer, you will see it. It is there. God is present because I've said, "Lord, I can't live without You!"
I've cried out, "Lord, I need you more than air, more than anything else, more than my job and my health, I need you because you enable me to move, you give me strength, you help me to tell that devil, "You can't have my life!" "You can't have my family!" "You can't take away what God has given me!"


I speak this clearly through my words on paper, but I say it aloud and I say it in my mind. It is my personal declaration of independence in regards to spiritual matters. This is my anthem, my song.
It is my personal choreography on the dance floor of life as I raise my hands and place them to say, "STOP!" I keep them forward and twirl around and around creating my personal space and boundaries. "You can't have it!" I lift my hands and place them on my mind, my head and my heart. Those same hands I lift them towards You, O Lord and with my hands and with my dance I declare, "I belong to You. My family belongs to You. My mind, my thoughts, and my heart I give to You and You alone." My body slowly goes down on the ground as I place myself on bent knees. Heavenly Father, I surrender to You. This is me. I give it all to You. 

As I surrender to the Lord in prayer, I rise up to finish this recital. In the eyes of my choreography, I am dressed in battle and my hands are prepared for war. There is no music, only me. I take my stand and I breathe in the Peace of the Lord and His mighty presence into my life. "Thank you, Lord! You give me victory! I Praise you and worship you Almighty God! There is no one like You!" I take keep my stand strong for I know that morning is coming and the day will begin. I bless You, Lord!
I say the last words, a reminder to things seen and unseen, "YOU CAN'T HAVE IT!"
"You can't have ME, MY FAMILY, and anything connected to me!" In Jesus Name, Amen.

Written By Angeline M. Duran Santiago

Wednesday, June 15, 2016



"Take me to that place, Lord
To that secret place,
Where I can be with You.
You can make me like you,
Wrap me in Your arms,
Wrap me in Your arms,
Wrap me in Your arms......."

This is my heart's cry today, Lord.
Take me to that secret place where You are there waiting for me,
Where you are there and I can pour out my heart to You.
That place where I am able to say what I have to say, laugh or cry, 
Let every emotion out without being judged or criticized,
I can go before you because there is safety in your presence.
There is no condemnation in your presence when I surrender my heart to You.
Oh, Lord, Take me there to that place where I can give you my every moment.
Lord, I am drained, in a drought where my life can only be sustained if you fill me.
Take me Lord, into your presence, where I am loved.


Make me like you, in your image.
If I am like you, it's not that I want to be You or be God.
I just want to be like you, 
Able to have a heart like yours,
To love, to accept, to forgive, to understand.
Give me a heart that is ever able to be the heart of love.

Oh, dear Heavenly Father, 
Wrap me in your arms.
My heart is tired and broken today. 
I need your arms around me because there is healing in your embrace.

Wrap me in Your arms.
My mind is a tangle of thoughts that keep rushing and shouting out at me
But, Lord, if you wrap my mind in your arms,
Wrap me in Your arms,
There is that peace I am running to You for today.
Your presence gives and brings peace.
Fill me Lord.


Wrap me in Your arms, Lord.
I need to let go of these moments of anger and feeling frustrated.
But, Lord, If you allow me to fall into your embrace
I can be free to just let go and let it go.
Hold me and give me what only You can give me,
In your arms, there is assurance
There is strength.
In your care
There is healing
Bring healing into my life, into my children's lives
Oh, Lord, how I pray your healing would be like rain,
Rain and Rain
Wrap my children in your arms.
Wrap every family member of mine in Your arms
Wrap all of my  friends in Your loving care.
Lord, every person that reads these blogs or words I write, 
Lord, wrap them in your arms of love, of healing and change.

Written by Angeline M Duran Santiago

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


 By Angeline M Duran Santiago


Help me to do everything I do today with a cheerful heart and the right attitude.

Change my heart in such a way that I don’t grumble or complain when I see others around me behaving selfishly. I get upset easily when I see how some people are mistreated while those who cause the harm behave as if they have special rights and should be spoken to as if they’re royalty. I take it personal at times when I see how they treat others as if they’re less. Please Lord, work in my heart and in my mind. Don't let "ME" come out.

Help me Lord, to see through your eyes and have compassion even for those I’d much rather go ballistic on and put in their place. You know my words, Lord. So, please keep them hidden in me. No. Much better just take them out so that I don’t even think those words. You know me, Lord. I hate when others are wrongfully spoken to or about. Help me to be a voice of peace and justice, and not a voice that wants to come out and put everyone in their place. I really need you to keep me in place. Don't let "ME" come out.


Help me to represent You today the best way I can.

It’s a crazy week and some people go out of their way to make it impossible to be around them. Give me Love because I believe I lack it for some folks, and I really don’t want to be out of your blessing. So, please, Lord. Just come and walk with me today.

There are so many things to get done and I’m not sure how to even begin some things. I know that with your Presence here, I can accomplish all things, great things, small things, and complete it all.

I’m not easy when it comes to hiding my disapproval. I want to tell the person that is acting out to stop it, but I can’t. I want to tell the person that is being mean to grow up and be the professional they’re supposed to be. But, Lord, if I open my mouth…. Lord, If “I” open my mouth, what will come out will most likely come out the wrong way. So, please, Lord. Even with my words, the timing for me to speak, let it all be at the right moment. I don’t want to make  YOU look bad. Lord, keep me ever focused on Your Word and seeking Your face. Don't let "ME" come out.


I want to bring honor to you in every way possible with everything I do, no matter where I find myself. I want to bring hope and encourage. I want to motivate people and be a voice of healing when there is hurt. I want to make others smile when they’re obviously having a bad day. I need you, Dear Jesus, to move in my life and make all the difference, today and throughout this week, let it all be as unto YOU.



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