Tuesday, June 14, 2016


 By Angeline M Duran Santiago


Help me to do everything I do today with a cheerful heart and the right attitude.

Change my heart in such a way that I don’t grumble or complain when I see others around me behaving selfishly. I get upset easily when I see how some people are mistreated while those who cause the harm behave as if they have special rights and should be spoken to as if they’re royalty. I take it personal at times when I see how they treat others as if they’re less. Please Lord, work in my heart and in my mind. Don't let "ME" come out.

Help me Lord, to see through your eyes and have compassion even for those I’d much rather go ballistic on and put in their place. You know my words, Lord. So, please keep them hidden in me. No. Much better just take them out so that I don’t even think those words. You know me, Lord. I hate when others are wrongfully spoken to or about. Help me to be a voice of peace and justice, and not a voice that wants to come out and put everyone in their place. I really need you to keep me in place. Don't let "ME" come out.


Help me to represent You today the best way I can.

It’s a crazy week and some people go out of their way to make it impossible to be around them. Give me Love because I believe I lack it for some folks, and I really don’t want to be out of your blessing. So, please, Lord. Just come and walk with me today.

There are so many things to get done and I’m not sure how to even begin some things. I know that with your Presence here, I can accomplish all things, great things, small things, and complete it all.

I’m not easy when it comes to hiding my disapproval. I want to tell the person that is acting out to stop it, but I can’t. I want to tell the person that is being mean to grow up and be the professional they’re supposed to be. But, Lord, if I open my mouth…. Lord, If “I” open my mouth, what will come out will most likely come out the wrong way. So, please, Lord. Even with my words, the timing for me to speak, let it all be at the right moment. I don’t want to make  YOU look bad. Lord, keep me ever focused on Your Word and seeking Your face. Don't let "ME" come out.


I want to bring honor to you in every way possible with everything I do, no matter where I find myself. I want to bring hope and encourage. I want to motivate people and be a voice of healing when there is hurt. I want to make others smile when they’re obviously having a bad day. I need you, Dear Jesus, to move in my life and make all the difference, today and throughout this week, let it all be as unto YOU.



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