Friday, August 19, 2016


New Doors.
Some are closed and some are opened.
Lord, you know which one needs to be opened wide for us to walk through.
Enter in.
Doors of opportunity.
Doors of renewal.
Doors that help us embrace a new beginning.


Today, dear Lord, Unlock those doors that need to be opened.
Provide us with the Keys so that we may also unlock those doors.
Open doors that will change our destiny.
Open doors that will bring positive change into our lives.
Open doors that will lead us and guide us into the plans you have for us.

New Doors.
Help us, Lord. Without your help and your prompting, we don't know our next steps.
Shine your light upon us so that we can walk in your light.
Inspire us.
Make us able to hear your voice telling us, "This is the way."
Show us your direction.
Help us to know when you are leading us and that it is not our own doing.

New Doors.
Open doors where we can walk through for our healing.
Our bodies are aching and crying out for your touch.
Open doors where we can be emotionally set free.
Take our minds, our hearts, and our lives so that we can walk victoriously.
Open those doors that will allow us to walk in your blessing.


In Jesus Name,
In Your Mighty Name,
Oh, Ancient of Days, 
Hear us as we cry out to you in this day,
Open those doors we desperately need opened in our lives,
Let our new season begin,
Guide us and let us walk in Your presence.

-By Angelne M Duran Santiago




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