Tuesday, September 27, 2016

10 Things You Should Know About God, Nope, 12.

By Angeline M Duran Santiago

1. God cares.

2. God listens.

3. God wants to help.

4. God is able.

5. God answers.

6. God is powerful, All Powerful.

7. God loves you.

8. You matter to God.

9. God will protect you.

10. God is on your side.

11. God is. 

and a little extra....
12. He will carry you and your burdens if you come to Him.

You should know that if you are struggling, carrying a heavy burden of guilt in your heart, or the problems of this life seem too heavy to carry, that God is asking you to come to Him and give Him everything. Let the Lord help you with everything you are going through. You should know that He will take this heaviness in your heart and in your mind and He will give you peace.

-With Love,
Angeline M Duran Santiago



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