Saturday, July 6, 2013


He knows you're definitely

I've been asked the question, “How do you know if he’s the one?” Of course, I am definitely not an expert in this area, but I can offer some advice. Maybe, it’s good. You be the judge.

What are some signs that he just might be the one? Fictional stories where there is a warrior or a brave knight willing to take a stand for the best interest of his kingdom are my favorites. Stories like Lord of the Rings, Knights of the Round Table, and Robin Hood.

So, I’d say this. Is he willing to go out his way, into the deep forest, to find the dragon and destroy it? Is he ready to do what it takes to protect the kingdom he represents? If this were your fairy tale, would you be begging your father, the King to let him be the one?

 Okay, your life is not a fairy tale, so let's talk plainly.
You see, I think young women have made it too easy for men to claim them. The challenge is gone, the romance abolished, and the two just get it on without even knowing last names. I think you, dear girl, are worth fighting for.

 I'll share my view as a believer in God's Word.  Is the young man that moves your heart representing God’s kingdom? Does he serve the King, heart loyally bound to serve Him at all cost? Does this young knight vow to fearlessly fight against the dragons  that wait in the darkness?

 In other words, will he fight all hell that rises against you? Will he pray? If his heart if far from the king, he will not live his life to hear God's voice. If this valiant warrior hides in the background when all the warriors are called by name, most likely you don’t even have a farm boy courting you, but a mere broomstick.

His behavior in private will echo his behavior in public. If he sees you as a princess, he will not treat you like a tramp.  He will defend your honor when people talk about you, including family and friends, and take your side, always

Does he respect you or does he just want to get in your pants? Does he value your ideas or just say, “Yeah, yeah” to everything? Can you have a genuine conversation with him and he’ll recall what you talked about or does he just talk about the same stuff all the time, boring you and seems empty headed and has an empty heart?

Do you go out on fun dates, or is he a cheap stake that won't even share his m&m's? Does he try to manipulate you to feel guilty so you give in to his way of thinking or does he look for ways to meet you half way?Do you get angry when he calls or texts you? 

Does he spend his time with you looking at his cell phone, texting and googling videos? Or does he value the small moments together and wants to create quality memories with you? Beautiful moments together?

  I love how in the movie,   Enchanted,the real prince isn't  ready to fight the evil queen to protect his bride. Yet, the one who truly loves her, although an untrained fighter, is willing to lay down his life and face the gigantic dragon that threatens the princess he has fallen in love with. If he's the guy for you, he will fight for your heart. If he's the one, he will do what it takes to win your affection the right way.

Here’s the end to my reply: If he places importance on your needs, your cares and wants, he’s a good choice. If he's trying to change you to fit his mold or just wants his friends to see you with him, dump his ass. 

I wonder? If you were locked in a tower, would he do what it took to reach you, fight the dragon, keeper of the tower, and then take you away to safety? If he will, then he’s a keeper. No matter how modern society gets, I think we all still wish for a little romance. 

I think you will just know he's the one because he's the one you can't live without during the day. He's wise and doesn't spend money foolishly. He isn't trying to bribe you into being with him.

He is your happy thought, makes you a better you, and wants you to excel in your gifts. He strengthens your good qualities, he doesn't sweat the small stuff, and deep down you know he loves the Lord more than you do because it shows in everything he does. Now the rest is up to you. Maybe I'm one hundred percent wrong in what I shared, but you girls, princesses that you are, asked and I shared. This is just my personal opinion. You have to decide for yourself. Pray and let the Lord guide you as you make your choices. Love you all. Till next time.



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