Sunday, November 30, 2014


By Angeline M Duran Santiago

You get up and try to walk but your feet seem to be heavy. Your legs tremble as you get near to the train station or the entrance of that place you will spend your day. Your heart beats and you begin to sweat as you open the door to your school, to your job, to your office, or to your new endeavor. 

Something in you tells you to turn around and run! Something inside you screams at you to turn away and never return. You replay those words that were spoken to you during the weekend, or that Friday when you left school or work. You see the faces of your so called friends or leaders. You see their pasted smiled, their forced look of concern, and the way they look at you as if they're doing you a favor.

"This is not for you."
"You can't do this."
"You're going to regret it. You're going to want to come back here."
"You're going to feel lost."
"You'll realize you're moving too fast and you weren't ready for a new move."
"You didn't pray enough."
"Get ready for the devil to attack you like never before."

"I'm telling you. You're going to wish you never tried something new."

On and on the list goes and not one word of encouragement comes through. Failure, Defeat, Discouragement, and your downfall is prophesied into your life as if an Oracle of God has just been established.

Your once ready spirit, full of joy and encouragement suddenly wavers, trembles and feels dizzy.

Is this you? Did they tell you that you were going to fail? Did someone tell you that you were going to fall flat on your face and no one would be there to pick you up but only come to say, "I told you so!" Did those in your life come to tell you that you were moving out of God's will when you know that you have not only prayed and waited forever on God's timing and answer, but you've prayed for His favor, His peace in your life before you took the next step.

You know in your heart that God has shown you time and time again that He is moving you into a new direction, a new blessing, with a new assignment where he will use you for His glory.

Then why are you listening to the personification of failure and defeat. Why do you and I allow these emotions, these downfalls to transform into people in our lives who come to tear us down.

God is building you up. God is putting you and I together again when we've messed up. But, God also is going to use us in that new place He is taking us. He doesn't move us without a purpose. He always has a plan.

Move away from the negative speaker.
Walk away from the voice of defeat and the message of doom.
Lift up your head and know that Your God has not only called you, equipped you, prepared you and led you, but He has anointed you and filled you for this new season in your life.

Are there going to be hard times? Is anything in life without a difficult moment? I don't think so. But He has promised to walk with you and me. He has promised to be with us. And, that's enough for me!

Change your attitude!
Get ready, get ready, get ready!
Put on your dancing shoes and dance your way in the train, in the car and at your job. Let there be a praise in your heart as you wait for the elevator. Worship as you sit at your desk. Take time to invite the Lord to be present all the time with you.

He is the Victory giver.
He is the Helper.
He is there.

So, get up and get going.
Your victory starts right now. 
Pray your way through this new time in your life. Praise your way through the new door the Lord has brought you through.

Oh, what great things the Lord has in store for you and me.

faithful is our God, Hezekiah Walker

Monday, November 24, 2014


Written By Angeline M Duran Santiago

My dear friend, I don't know what you are facing or what you're going through. If I share my woes, my pain and my struggles, the truth is they may end up so small compared to the many things you are facing. My mountain may truly be only a small hill next to the multitude of your problems, your cares, and what you are facing.

I don't know what you are going through because surely my heels aren't going to fit your feet, and your boots just might be either too tight or enormous on me.

So, what are you going to do?
Are you going to fall back and just sit there?
Are you going to accept what has been slammed into your face and stay still, just because you're so used to waiting and letting things slide off?

Or, are you going to get up and stay standing?

I'm telling you and I'm telling me, "Get up!"
It's not time to dwell on what has happened. Like I heard the football coaches speak out to the players when something went wrong, "Short memory."
So, I say to you, "Short memory. Forget it. Let it go. Pass over it. Walk over it. Keep walking on."

We're going to have to get up and keep going.
I know it's not easy.
Your ministry is under attack.
You wonder if God has really called you.
You meditate on His Word and the thoughts that come are, "Lord, am I alone in this."

We're going to have to keep pressing through.
Yes, it seems the grass is overgrown and high.
So, use your hands and arms and move through.
Yes, the ground is muddy and hard to walk on.
Put on your boots and splash through.

Get up and stay standing up.
Don't quit. Don't give up. 
Don't start looking for someone to tell your stuff to and look for a different way to do this.
Run to God. 
I'm telling you and I'm telling myself,
Run to God.
Pray a little more.
Pray a little more.
Call out and cry out to the Lord.

Did you stop preaching, then preach again.
Did you stop singing or playing for the Lord, then get up and do it again.
Did you write songs, poems, stories? Start again.
Did you dance, minister and evangelize? Start over.

"Lord, show my your way. Holy Spirit, have your way and let me see You for who you are in my life. I lay all these worries, all these problems, and all the mess going on around me, I lay them slam dunk at your feet.

Help me to stand firm, to stand still, to stand without wavering or falling.

Help me to wait and hope without doubting.
Lord, I need you to empower me as I walk through this tempest.

Help me, even in my battle, to be an encouragement to someone passing through the fire and hurting, perhaps even more than me.

Lord, give me compassion and a heart of mercy to see the needs of those so close to me, even when they are quiet. 

Lord, let me not be blind to their pain.

Give me a heart that loves you,
that loves to seek you,
that truly longs to see your glory today,
In my life, today,
In my family, today,
In my children, today,
In my community, In my workplace, in my life."

My friend, my brothers and those I may never meet, get up. I know you fell down on your face, whatever caused it, but now it's time to stop talking about it, and get up. Perhaps you messed up, ok, get over it, Run to the Lord and get up.
Now, don't go looking to mess up again just cause He's faithful and forgiving you. Get up and stay up.
Keep standing on His Word, On His Promises.
and again I say, 
Get up!
Get up!
And stay standing.


Before you go on and get ready to message me that I'm wrong to say God doesn't answer every prayer, take a few minutes to finish reading and then, regardless if you agree or disagree, bombard me with your input. I can take it.

I've come to a place where I understand and can handle that God doesn't and will not, perhaps even choose to not answer every prayer. I believe it is His will to supply all my needs. I believe it is His desire to provide for my success and well being. I truly believe all his promises are for me and mine.

Still, I have experienced that, even though His word declares "It is finished", there are still areas in my life that are a work in progress. Even though His word firmly states that "By His stripes we were healed", it is in God's time that healing will flow and burst through my life, my children, and the bodies of my family. He chooses the moment. God chooses to be glorified as I believe, stand firm and wait. But, even as I continue to declare He is for me and not against me, not every prayer is answered.

Yes, God will answer sometimes by saying, "No." and I am fine with that. True. I may not enjoy the moments his answer is, "No." or "Wait.", but still, I've seen and experienced enough of God's presence in my life to know that when God doesn't answer prayer, it doesn't mean He stops caring, loses authority, or has somehow become void of power. 

When God doesn't answer prayer, we need to turn to His word and turn to Him for the answers. I'll use a simple example. Today, I prayed, along with my family, I prayed my heart out for my son's football team to win. Knowing they had excelled in the other games, I entered the field, as most of us did, filled with expectation and believing we'd win. Throughout the game, I cried out to God for divine protection for each child playing. I prayed for God to shield their bodies from harm. And, yes, I prayed for skill and strategy to work together, and for the Lord to move in the field on their behalf and bring them one more victory.

They didn't move forward to the last game as their loss today left them in third place and their time ended. There were tears, angry moments, and sadness. But, the Coaches gathered around their team and celebrated, encouraged and loved on those boys.

God chose not to answer what "I" wanted. But, he did answer what he wanted. Not one child was hurt. God enabled the team to push forward and play hard with an undefeated team. Regardless of their loss, there was still great victory!

Another example is this:
God has not healed members of my family from various physical conditions. It hurts me to see their pain and struggle. Is God mean, bad, uncaring, silent or just plain fake? No. I've seen him work in our bodies, our lives and in our situation countless times. I've seen healing in our bodies, in God's time, in His way, and sometimes, slowly. But when it has come, it's been in such a way, that it cannot be denied that God has done the work. The only one that can take the credit for what has happened in our bodies, in our family crisis, and in our difficult situation is God because nothing and no one else could have intervened or brought us through. Only God.

So, when God doesn't answer prayer, maybe His silence is just our time to wait. When God doesn't answer, perhaps we need to research our hearts and discover He has answered in a different way, or we need to find what the Lord is doing in our midst that will work for our good, to bring about His desired outcome in our lives.

He is not through with you, or me, or my family. He is, perhaps, just beginning to put those special finishing touches on "you" his masterpiece. 

Can you allow Him to work in you as you wait? Can you trust Him for your tomorrow but also for your today? Can you stand upon His promises even when it seems they are so far away you can't even hope for another day?

Grab hold of a new beginning for your life. God is in the midst of your situation and your prayer. He is not letting go of you. So, don't you let go of Him. 

Thursday, November 20, 2014


By Angeline M Duran Santiago

Someone spoke today. They spoke, believing they had permission and/or authority to speak into my life. The only thing is that I had been preparing for this moment. And, so in looking ahead, I was listening while I covered my ears.

My eyes may have been on the speaker, but my ears were boarded off and sealed to their voice, to their words, and to their message.

"You will not succeed." said the messenger.
"You will have a very hard time." said the speaker.
"Oh, Oh, my. They're really setting you up for failure. No one will ever make it there."

Someone spoke today and as they attempted to speak into my spirit, I remembered who is moving me forward and I mentally built a protective wall around myself. As they spoke negatively, I turned their words around and perceived that perhaps fear was speaking and in the process of speaking to put fear, it in fact began to build me up.

I saw myself the opposite of what the messenger saw.
I saw myself breaking through the negativity, the deception, the fear and the doubt.
I saw myself in the hands of the One who had decided I would able to take the next steps in my life, to do something new, perhaps something a lot harder than what I've done before, and he trusted me with something different. This I am certain of today.

God prepares us.
God fills us.
God allows us to walk into the challenging moments because He has and will equip us to not only face the difficulties, but to learn from them and succeed.

I'll tell you more.
I chose to ignore and walk away from the voice of doom. I walked away from the shadow maker and decided to remember God's promises. I meditated on His Word. I chose to believe that if God has entrusted me with a change in my life's journey, it is because He has a purpose, a reason for me to step out in faith and do something that will cause me to trust Him more, rely on His provision, and be confident of His strength for my heart. 

I have to believe God's presence will not abandon me in the journey. His Promises are the umbrella in my storm. His Love is the Shelter when the wind blows to push me down. His Presence is the Encouragement to keep me on my feet, moving forward even when I am tired, beaten, sick, and just plain fed up with those who wish my downfall.

So, who spoke into your life today?
What message did someone deliberately work hard to engrave into your conscience?
What ideas of discouragement did someone wave before you, trying to get your attention, to divert you and get you away from the path, your journey, and the new things the Lord has presented you with? Is there a new door or road opening before you? Have you prayed and placed your trust in the Lord? Have you waited patiently until you felt peace about your choice? Have you praised Him for directing you and leading you to something new?

Then, your job is to cover your ears.
Cover your ears and walk away.
Cover your ears to the negative and deceptive talk.
Cover your ears to the discouragement and lies.
Cover your ears to the vain sound of supposed advice and friendship, disguised to confuse you.

Open your ears to God's voice.
Open your ears to God's presence.
Open your heart to God's guidance and leading.

There is more for you to do for God's glory and His Kingdom. God's plans for you are great! He has prepared you, equipped you, enabled and led you this far. He will not bring you to failure. God if for us, not against us. 

Who are you listening to today? Cover you ears to everything that is not conforming to God's Word, to His Will, and to the testimony God gives your Spirit. Seek the Lord. Wait on Him. Have faith and be faithful to the end. Surrender to what He wants to do as you walk into this new road and allow God to have His way, not to shine the spotlight on you, but to prove that when God is with us, there is nothing we can't succeed in.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


By Angeline M Duran Santiago

Who are you listening to?

Who is next to you throughout the day?
How are their words affecting and making their home in your heart, in your mind, and deep inside of you?

There are people who intentionally will speak negatively into your life. They don't want you to move forward so they speak down at you and to you, to discourage you, to make you doubt and have you walk through the door of discouragement. Their words tell you to open the door to fear and before you know it, their words paralyze you.

There are people who will complain around you. They hold a pity party because you are doing something new in your life, their is a blessing flowing in your life and God is obviously showing His favor. So, they begin to nag, complain, and exhale their negative vibe around you. You're going to have to make a decision to stand your ground, to sit their and in your mind hold on to God's Word. You're going to have to believe in God's report. You will decide when to get up and walk out, leaving the spirit of darkness speaking to itself. Get up. Walk out. Walk away.

There are people, friends, co-workers, family, and even those who say they believe like you, pray like you, and say they have God in their lives like you but when they open up their mouth, the nonsense, the heartbreak, the false message and the breakdown of your spirit is what they want. Your walk in the Lord, even when quiet, is a menace, bothers, irritates and is like a rash to many. So, they keep talking against you, putting people against you when you turn your back, gossiping, and speaking hurt, wrongs, and death into your life. I don't get it but it's true. We use our words to paralyze, destroy, corrupt, imprison, and hinder. When? When has God given us the command to go and destroy, speak negatively, hurt and humiliate? I haven't found it yet. I never will. 

God's word is filled with all the positive words to build you up, encourage and lift you to a new place. Watch your words and watch out whose conversation you entertain.

Watch your words!
Words give life! Words destroy life!



 By Angeline M Duran Santiago

Sometimes, I have felt small, insignificant, invisible, and unworthy of being heard.
Many times, I've believed that my words were unnecessary, without worth, and that the things I said joined the wind and disappeared into the atmosphere!

Maybe it's just me. Perhaps, I'm one of the few to have felt that way. Or, it could be that you too have felt like nothing you said or did mattered. Maybe you believed, as I have many times, that it didn't matter at home, it didn't matter at work, and it didn't matter in the house of the Lord.

But, oh, how easy it is to buy into that lie. How easily we allow our minds to wander so that who we are according to God's disappears and fades away.

Reading a post by my daughter, I was in awe to see how she's been watching all my steps, not just my mistakes, but those moments of triumph, and those moments when I gave my all. When I believed they didn't matter, she was watching, observing, and learning.

I am not with that same mind set today. Of course, these thoughts come when we are going through some rough moments and for just a brief second we allow our hearts to forget God's promises, God's presence, and that He is greater in us ~ GREATER!

There is greatness in you! God is with you!
There is wonder in you! God made you wonderful! 
There is perfection and beauty in you!
The One who created the universe took His time to create you!

You are awesome because my God is AWESOME and an Awesome God has chosen you, called you by name, and said that you and I belong to Him! We are blessed!

So, what are you going to believe?
Who are you going to believe?
Believe God's report! Accept God's view point of who you are! Embrace His promises! Rejoice in His Spirit's presence in you. 


Thursday, November 13, 2014


Great news is right around the corner! You've been praying and waiting and it arrives right after you decided to stop waiting for it. It shows up in your face when you thought it wasn't going to happen. Sometimes, you wait, a little longer. Expectation lives and sometimes quiets down, but it's there.

Dreams have a way of becoming dormant when expectation begins to fade. Dreams seem to take the backseat when we begin to listen to those people in our lives that question your choices when you believe you are waiting on the Lord, moving as He leads you, and trusting in His timing. 

"Do you really think that's God telling you to move?"
"Do you truly believe this is God's will?"
"Are you sure this is what you should do? You know, others have taken this next step and they've fallen flat on their face."
"Don't you think you should pray again to see if God really told you to go? I mean, the devil is a liar."

People pretend to be well meaning because they're present to quench the dream you've received from the Lord. They've been there before and have strangled the life out of those moments in your life where you were excitedly doing great things either professionally, or in the kingdom of the Lord.

 Dream killers, Spirit quenchers, Hope removers and False Prophets arrive at your doorstep the moment you believe God has answered prayer. Something great is in your path and you're going to have to be able to seek God in such a way that you will be able to discern what is from the Lord, is this God's Spirit talking, or if it's your flesh leading you. 

I've learned that if we align ourselves with God's Word, and seek Him with a real heart that hungers passionately to serve Him, He will not, and cannot lead us astray or into confusion.

God's plan for you is "YES!"
God's plan for you is "Greatness!"
Success! Excellence! Moving Forward!
It's in His Word and you'll find it if you take the time to dig in and discover the beautiful promises written for you.

To you I say:
Accept the promotion
Go back to school
Finish what you started
Go for that interview
Attempt those ideas and believe
Stand on God's promises for your healing
Proclaim your breakthrough
Believe for your marriage
See your family, your entire family walking in VICTORY!

What's your dream? Tell me? See it come to pass!

Don't let the dream in your heart die. Don't let the people around you pick at your mind and confuse you. Don't let those so called "friends" place you in a state of worry. Don't let your dreams die. Don't let your spirit be troubled. Don't let your joy be pushed down and out. Don't let the voices around you stop you from the next steps in your life. God has greatness for you!

Promotion comes from the Lord!
Victory comes from the Lord!
Restored health, restored finances, security and blessings are from the Lord!
Dreams, Passion to do more, to do better, a joy to serve, it all comes from the Lord. Go with it! Live! Make your dreams happen. Push yourself to walk trusting in God's provision even when you are still lacking in many areas of your life. Trust in God to provide what you need. He will. He has for me and I know He always will.



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