Friday, May 31, 2013


Does the dancer ever die?

The dancer danced. She made gestures and signs that meant something her heart was trying to say without words. Movement created from an unknown place came through showing the choreography had been designed through prayer and seeking a way to bring forth a message without being the preacher. Tears ran down her face as the music and the words of the song came to the place she most wished the hearts of people would be touched, transformed, and turned to God, the God she loved so much. The Lord of her dance. The Master Choreographer that showed her each step as she dreamed, as she prayed and waited on Him.

Music ended and the dancer moved away, wanting nothing from her audience but wanted everything and more from the Giver of her dance. At times rejoicing came and at other times tears came but each time, the dancer longed only to prove that In Him we live and move and have our being. The dancer was watched and those that observed decided they wanted to dance, too. They wanted the same things to happen but were not willing to pay the same price.

Stories were devised with reasons why the dancer should no longer dance alone but with a group. So, the dancer became part of the group. And when the group danced, the Lord did great things. For nothing was done without prayer, without surrendering completely to the Lord. Perhaps this was the way it was supposed to be.Some in the group danced for the purpose of worship and others sought to be seen and praised.

She worshiped through her movement when she was alone, for the audience of One, Heaven's King.

It was decided....
"The dancer must no longer lead the dance. We are capable of creating it all on our own." Agreements were made and the dancer was commanded to leave and told to never return. No explanations, none. The dancer was told they would also be sure to tell others that they should close their doors to her if she'd chance to come by. She tried a few times, and started to worship. Those in her past would appear and once more she was told to leave and never return.

The dancer went before the Lord and asked, "Why, Lord? Where did I fail to listen to you?" And the Lord was silent. Be still and know that I am God. God was in the midst of the abandonment. He was there in the middle of the confusion and the hurt. He was silent and the dancer put away the clothes of rejoicing. The garments of praise so carefully made were now abandoned to storage and she decided to wait on the Lord, believing it was all over. Somehow, maybe, her job had been fulfilled and it was only to lead others and show them the way, and then step down.

For years, the dancer only danced in her dreams and in the privacy of her home. You see, her dance was always first, to the Lord Almighty. Depression and sadness fought to take over, and many times it seemed they won. But, through prayer, the battle was always won with worship, praise and hands lifted to the Lord believing.

The bird was created to fly and it can only do what it was created to do. The Lion roars and no one stop him. The wind blows and who will command it to stop, if only God? So, why do we command people to go away, to stop ministry, to sit down, to give up? If you've been called to sing, then sing. If you feel God teaching you on an instrument, then play your heart out. If you feel God is telling you to preach, teach or yes, even dance, but the place you are in won't let it happen, pray, and if they tell you go, then leave, but don't believe it is over. If God has placed it in your heart, it will never be over. You just need to wait for the Lord to make it happen, again.

I hope a day comes when the church walls will no longer stand, and the preacher and the musician must go to the street. When that day comes, please let me know. 
For those who believe the dancer is dormant, have no idea she's ready to rise!


Part One

The speakers were carefully placed one atop the other  to make sure they were stable. Two more were placed the same way, but facing the other side of the street to immerse the entire area as much as possible with the sound that would be coming forth in only a few moments.

Soft music, was started on an old I-pod and the man began pacing back and forth, lips moving with no words coming forth. He checked his clock for the tenth time since standing on the corner of the doughnut store and took a deep breath. Perhaps he was getting ready to do something that was hard, a hand stand, a magic trick, something that was stressing him out. Another young man walked towards him, shaking his hand, and the smiles exchanged  verified a friendship and that perhaps, he was being waited for.

A microphone was taken out, plugged in, and testing, one, two, three was spoken a few times until both men felt happy with the clarity and volume. Some people began to look at them with expectation of what was going to happen. Some yelled, "Hallelujah!" mocking them and playing around as if to knock down the speakers but then walked away.

The music was lowered, and the younger man, who had shown up what seemed late, began to speak. He began by praying then praising the God of heaven and earth. He spoke at times in a language no one else understood but he alone, perhaps. He said he was going to share a message that was going to change the world of everyone present and he began to share about how God so loved the world, that He sent His only begotten son into the world, that whosoever believed in Him, would not die or perish, but would have the guarantee of eternal life.

A good crowd had gathered to listen and the man's confidence grew. Here was his opportunity to share his love and passion for the Lord by leading these people to the Lord. The first few moments of his message were interesting and the crowd held still. You see, the crowd was made up of people from all walks of life, some had even been believers at one time. There were deep hurts, anger, issues, that only the God of heaven and earth could help with. But something happened. Then man began to speak about being holy and that holiness was the only way to the Father. He said that whoever is not holy, would not see God. That was true, many agreed, especially those that knew something about God's Word.

The man then said, "Repent!" And the crowd was fine, still in agreement. Then, suddenly, "You women want to be thinking you are men, wearing pants and acting like men. You're going to hell. You dress like whores and no one knows if you are a decent woman because you go to church with tons of makeup, cutting your hair like men, and with demonic jewelry all over! You're not going to see God. You're going to hell! Men you wear colors that are not manly and you think God doesn't see that! You allow your teenagers to dress how they want......"

This man insulted everyone one present in some way. Each sentence ended with someone going to hell. Long hair, short hair, makeup, pants, dancers, painters, artists, and movie goers. "You're going to hell!" He yelled over and over til one young man, strong, well built, said, "Man, what the hell you talking about, I'm already in hell! Tell me something I don't know!"

And the preacher was stunned to silence. He tried to restart his message but couldn't. The crowd had practically vanished to only two, two who were probably friends giving out pieces of folded paper to those that passed by and said, "God bless you." They were empty. Where they truly reflecting God's Love?

All that time spent in preparing to preach on that street corner and this preacher couldn't convince anyone to listen long enough to desire God. You see, the God this man was preaching about is not the God I read about in the Bible. He is a Holy God that desires holiness in every form. But He searches the heart of man first. If there is anything God wants to change in a person, God begins with the heart, because with the heart man believes and with his mouth man confesses Jesus is Lord.

Whether you are a legalistic Pentecostal or a non-denominational christian, at the end of any argument you may have, the truth is, God is no respecter of persons. This preacher lost the people that would hear and believe because he forgot to mention the greatest thing about God. GOD IS LOVE. And because God is love, God desires to dwell in the hearts of all people, heal them of their past, heal the brokenhearted and restore a relationship with Him. People are already in hell. It's true. They're already experiencing traumatic moments in their lives that are horrible. They have a past filled with abuse, nightmares. the occult, prison and so much more. Why are we going to stand in a corner and remind them of what they already know? What they are already living? Instead, let us be preachers in the streets that will inspire hope, lead people to a healing God, a listening God, a God that cares and wants to change our lives, starting with our hearts, our broken spirit, the wounded part of us that wants to die.

The preacher looked away and said if anyone wanted prayer, he would be there for a while. He was there for twenty minutes while the others packed their speakers and other items and placed them in a van. As easily as they appeared ,they drove away. Not one life touched, not one soul saved, but hundreds condemned, criticized, exposed and pushed further away.

Dear Preacher in the Street,
You're preaching to people that know they're on their way to an eternity without God. So, why don't you stop preaching your own agenda and pray for Heaven's agenda. Instead of shutting them out of the kingdom, bring them in. Love people. Hug them. Be willing to cry with them.




Too many Lord. Too many have walked away and fallen away. Too many. 
And why? How? When did it become the style to decide who can enter the church or who can belong to a church. Someone says you can't go their church walk away because most likely, God's not there anyway. You see the church, believers, belongs to Jesus. Funny how the Bible clearly says that we, believers in Jesus Christ, we are His church. God has come to establish His presence and His kingdom in our hearts, in us. We, the people, we are the church.  

For just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function, so in Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others. 
(Romans 12: 4,5)

It's not the building, definitely not the denomination, not the organization or the company. You and me. When we get together, when we pray, when we worship and praise the Lord together, as one, God's presence promises to visit and be with us. He comes to fellowship with us, His church. If we are together in the park and we are in agreement to talk about the Lord, and seek the Lord, we are having church. We are together in His Presence. If we are in the house, in the car, out for lunch, or even the hospital. The place we chose to unite as one body, in one mind, to have fellowship with God, that is church time because we are the church.

So, you don't want to go back to church because of the many things that have been done to you?

I understand your anger and your hurt. But, when you say you're not going back to church , what are you really referring to, the church made up of walls, windows and bricks can't do a thing to allow God's presence to become real in your life. The building, the sign, the instruments, and certainly not the people that go to church with a worldly mentality about what having church is, cannot and will not help you in your growth or victory in the Lord. 

God wants to establish His Word deep in your heart so that no matter where you are, even in prison, He is there with you. You can have a song in the hardest night. You can have comfort when you are very sick. God will open up heaven and pour out His presence if you will seek Him with all your heart, and you can be on the beach, in the shower, or having coffee on the train.

Walls cannot hold God's Spirit. People cannot limit His Presence and you and I shouldn't either. You don't want to go back to church, then don't. Give it time. Wait.  Go back to restoring and building your RELATIONSHIP with GOD. Return to reading HIS WORD and seeking His will for your life. Then, He will show you with whom to get together for fellowship as a body of believers. The Lord will guide you to a building, a home, an underground church or a tent where believers are desiring God like you or even more than you.

Too many don't want anything to do with "Church" but what I think they're really saying is they don't want to deal with people in church. This is why I remind you that your walk is a walk of faith with Jesus. People in church didn't die on a cross for you. They don't have the power to forgive sins, to heal the hurts in you, or fill you with God's presence. So, no more saying, "I won't go back! I can't go back!" The only place you need to go back to is Calvary. 

Go back to God's heart fully living in yours. Go back to His Holy Spirit speaking to you and showing you the way. Go back to being a living, breathing, walking church and you'll soon see, the rest will come in God's timing as you walk in Him.  Be the church. Yes. Let us be the church, God's church wherever we are. 

I welcome your comments and feedback. This is my personal opinion based on my personal experience and experience with people for years, working with them and helping them be restored after going through so much in church.

Thursday, May 30, 2013


By Angie Duran

The arrows were aimed
Aimed at you
You were the target
Target for destruction
Destruction was aimed at your life
Your life filled with passion
Passion to serve the Lord 
The arrows were launched
And they flew at you with vengeance
They lashed violently cursed by those who ate at your table
Your table filled with enemies
Enemies that you were considered family
Family that was filled with devious plans for your downfall

The arrows flew mightily
Mightily towards you
Bruising, breaking, cutting, hating, hurting,
the arrows with your name
Some fell away and could not touch you
And some did find you
But the hit only momentarily shook you
Shook you but didn't destroy you
Didn't destroy you

You raised your shield of faith
And just when you heard the arrows whirling towards you,
Just when you felt their tips ready to cut you down,
A mighty shield rose around you
Arrows broke and fell to the ground
The few that scarred you
Are there to remind you
That God is always ready to stand in the way
of every arrow that dares come your way.

In every situation take the shield of faith, and with it you will be able to 
extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one.
Ephesians 6:16

The Marionette in the Pulpit, Again

     After a few words of introduction, the speaker begins sharing about their week, a simple joke, or commenting on events going on in the world, a change in tone takes place, facial expressions become deep, and the Book, the Word, is opened to show everyone where THE MESSAGE will be coming from that day.

     The moment the preacher speaks, it seems strings connected to his left arm are pulled. Sweat begins to form on his forehead as he speaks about surrendering to the Lord and listening to God’s Spirit. The speaker clears his throat, looks around, and decides to start again. He looks at his notes, breathes a small prayer, and once more begins to speak on living a life that is sold out to the Lord, willing to give it all because He gave His all for everyone present, everyone in the world.

     A much stronger pull comes from the right and it seems strings are pulling at the preacher from more places this time. Then the strongest one comes pulling full force upon his heart, and he sighs. The speaker lowers his head in sign of submission and the Master Puppeteer smiles and speaks softly.

“If you say those things you wrote in your notes, they’re going to get up and leave.”

“If you keep talking that way, someone is going to email you and tell you they’re going to find another church to belong to.”

“If you don’t stop saying Jesus and Praise the Lord, your highest tithing family and all your leaders will ask for a meeting. They’ll stop giving offerings. You don’t want to be in the situation. Do you?”

“Look at your leaders. You know they've stood with you when everyone else left you. What do they really want to hear today? Remember three of them are not really living for their Savior, but you’re helping them work it out. Talk about working it out by hanging out more after church.”

     Up and down, the preacher’s head nods, being directed from upward strings held by the master puppeteer, the voice of deceit, fear, and manipulation.
The pastor sadly smiles, and says, “Brothers and sisters, I feel the Lord leading me to change my message this morning. God is love. God just wants us to love each other. He wants you to feel good. He’s not sitting on His throne thinking about what you do. He just wants you to enjoy your life. Live your life to the fullest. God loves everyone. Hey, some people say all you need to do is work hard at doing good things.” 

The Marionette is in the Pulpit. You've seen him. You've seen her. Strings and all.
Message after message is changed. Fear grips the heart and the Marionette only speaks what will sound right and feel good. 
The Kingdom message is disregarded. The call to being holy and living life for a Jesus that is ready to come back is placed in the garbage, and the Marionette glories in the praises of men.

The Messenger decides to please the crowd, to keep his wealthy and well employed tithing leaders. The minister decides to hold on to being popular and not obedient. The speaker prefers to change the message God spoke to them in prayer and instead speak a word that will make everyone happy. 

What kind of preacher or teacher will you continue to be 
when you finish reading this message?

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


By Angeline M Duran Santiago

Humor me for a bit and let's consider what I say...

I heard my Bible say, "Hey, girl. I'm just wondering when you're going to come over here so we can chat?"
Looking around, not sure where the sounds are coming from I continue to iron my clothes. You see, I have to get ready to go to work. "I know there's a lot of stuff going on in the head of yours. I can hear a hundred different conversations going on all at once. I have a few words I'd like you to consider before you continue with your busy schedule."
I pause and wonder, "Am I going crazy?"

The Red Book seems to get up from the table on the right side of my bed, and it  just sits on my bed, facing me, challenging me, inviting me.
"Take a break now for the day ahead is going to be long."
But I keep ironing. I have to do my hair. Will I have time for some makeup?
Pages begin to flip open and move on their own and a soft lift radiates from within.

These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation, but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.   John 16:33

And there it is.
The invitation.
The invitation to acknowledge He will help me through my day. I don't have to stress it. I just have to know that life is full of moments that will make me or break me, but God's words is saying, "You can have PEACE in the midst of each moment."

I turn off the iron. Dismiss the rush in my mind.
Sitting on the side of the bed, I pick up my Bible, God's Letter to me.
I read for a while and then a desire to just say thank you rises from within me.
Before I was overwhelmed, but what a change now.
Thank you Lord.
Thank you.

Have you heart your Bible call out to you today? How will you respond? Will you keep on going about your busy day or will you take the time to just sit for a few minutes and soak in the Words of Life?


Who Will You Pour Your Heart Out To?

Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is some, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself: but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will show you things to come.
John 16:13

Believers need to turn the knob on the lens of their heart's microscope and refocus.

We need to search deep into the heart of the things that truly matter. It's time to run to the real Source of our help and direction. Our guidance is not in a person or a best friend. Our counsel should not be in the group of buddies that always agree with us because they think, "He's too sensitive. Let's just agree."

When we sit in God's Presence, something is going to happen. The Holy Spirit, the Spirit of truth, (if we allow him) is going to set things right in our lives. (If we're willing to hear and receive the truth) You see, we may not like what he's going to say, but if we really sit and listen, we're going to get it like it is. He is not going to speak about anything else but God's agenda. He's not going to show us what we want or what makes us comfortable. He's not going to rub our egos and pump up our personal goals. We're going to get Heaven's Agenda, God's Kingdom recipe to make it through the good and bad times.

Does this mean we never trust people again? Can I be saying there are no such things as best or good friends? Let's clarify what I am saying. Don't put your wholehearted trust, surrendering your all into the heart and life or another. You see, they need the Lord to guide them and speak to the them just like you do. Your group of peers needs to run to sit in God's Presence so they can be used of the Lord to give the right counsel. If not, all the words that proceed from their mouths is vanity, because it is coming from them. The Spirit of Truth will speak of the things of God and nothing or no one else. 

I'd love to know what you think. It matters. I know you've been hurt. I know you ran to people you believed were people there to counsel and help you and instead they let you down, took what you said in private and shared in public, and brought such pain. I'd love to know you will run to the Lord. His Spirit is ready to counsel you and me if we but take the time to open our hearts and listen.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


He Is In This Too

You don't understand it all right now, Just wait and see.
Most of what has happened doesn't even make sense.
God was not taken by surprised. He's not even moved or shocked.
You see, the end product of everything in our lives is to show God's life in us and through us.
So someone let you down? Get back up again.
They betrayed you? There's a Judas in every group.

Your feeling were hurt? Sorry. But I assure you there will be a next time. Life is that way. Because people are that way. I'm not excusing them. Heartache is real. But God's healing is more real.
You don't know where to go from here? Thought you had finally made it? Thought you were at the place you belonged and that is where you would stay always and forever? You had a lot of ideas about what you believed was going to happen.
But God saw differently.
And He's allowing all of this.
He knew it before you did. 
Yes He did. He knew exactly how it would happen and who would make things turn around the way they did. He showed you at times but you were too busy trying to fix things.
Yup. We like to try to fix things.
Our way rarely works. Right?
You don't understand it all right now because your heart was in the right place and you really tried to do what you believed God was calling you to do.
The Lord sees is differently.

He's going to do something new if you just let him.
Watch for it. It won't take long.
Keep your heart ready and you will see.
He is in this moment of your life. Yes He is.
He is.


I don't think God is looking for any perfect people.
He wants us to walk worthy of our calling, to walk in righteousness, as children of the Light.
But He knows, or so I think, He knows we are not perfect.
And, because we are not and He is, 
                                            I believe this is why 
                                            His message is so simple.

                                 COME AS YOU ARE.

If you're waiting to be perfect to come to the Lord, oh my dear friend, you have it all wrong.
If you think you need to have it 
all fixed and together first and then 
come to Christ, how wrong you have understood the message of the cross.
                                                Come as you are means,
                                                come the way you are....

            Your messed up mood.
            Your crumby attitude.
            Your broken heart.
                            Your shattered dreams.
                            Your confused self not knowing 
                            what to do 
                            or where to go.
Clean, smelly, sick or whole.

                            COME AS YOU ARE.

With nothing. With everything.
                          Full of sin.
                         Thinking you are sin free.
Thinking you're not good enough,
              Believing you are good and haven't done wrong,
              Career, Job, college degree or none of the above.
Atheist, Skeptic, Prostitute and Saint,
Thief, Abuser, Battered wife longing to escape,
                              Come as you are,

              I hear the Lord singing, "Come as you are."

                                                                                                   Poem by Angie Duran

Where Is She Now?

I have a friend. 

A close friend. 

Someone dear to my heart. 

     She struggled with many issues in her life as a child. Problems at school made her feel a failure, unwanted and without a purpose to live. Multiple times she attempted to take her own life because she was so sad, so angry, and convinced her life was meaningless. 

    Through many different people that reached out to her, My dear friend found her purpose and calling when she allowed God's love to reach inside her heart and heal the hurts, remove the accusations that she was worthless, and show her what a power house of talents and purpose she was.

   My dear friend began to serve the Lord relentlessly, without fear and gave her all to do everything the Lord placed in her heart to do.

Then why am I sharing about her?

You see, there were people around her that felt called to have the ministry of What, Who and Why?
What is she doing here?
What does she think she is? Better that us?
Why did they put her as a leader? She's new.
Who put her in charge?
Who said she could do this? 
And so they groveled and complained until those in leadership agreed that the ministry of what, who and why were being led by the Lord and my dear friend needed to be put in her place.

Where is she now?
She is no longer preaching or teaching.
Her days working with large groups of young people have long been gone.
The nights spent in her home sharing and giving of her life to others was stopped.
The different artistic ministries she built were taken from her and given to an other.
These are the things no one want to talk about. But the elephant is there and it can't go away until we as God's people wake up and realize this behavior is wrong. It grieved the heart of God. It pushes His presence outside of our lives. We invite the enemy of our souls in and push the Lord of Life out of our sanctuary. 
Why are you hurting my sister?
Why did you push her away?
Why did you work so hard to take away the things she had built and created to glorify God just so you could take over as the new leader, without her?

I hear my dear friend say,
You tried to break me, but I'm unbreakable because I'm in His hands.

She is smiling and ready to leave. 
Confident, strong, standing on His Word.

You dear friend have accepted Love, God's Love into your life. Let His love guide what you do, what you say, what you think and how you react with new believers and people in your life when you are in the church building. No longer be one who is a curse to new believers, but be a blessing. Maybe this is something you can start today, just maybe.

There will be millions that will walk into the church building. They are broken. They are hurting. They've been to hell and back. Rise up and allow the Life of Christ to change your hearts so that you may be ready to embrace those that will walk into your churches. If you continue to work to destroy lives, your doors will remain open, but no one will walk through. You will profess to be alive but the whole world will know you are dying, dead, done.


The Elephant in Church: WANTING CHANGE BUT WORKING AGAINST IT: HOW LONG WILL WE CONTINUE TO STAND IN THE WAY? You and I are either called to stand in the highway, the bridges, the broken places and ...



You and I are either called to stand in the highway, the bridges, the broken places and begin to mend, to heal, to repair, and restore or we've called ourselves to be in the way. In God's way. Yes, if you are not healing, if you and I are not bringing lives that are in the Lord to a deeper walk in the Lord, if the only thing in your mind is a position or to have a place with the leaders, then YOU ARE IN THE WAY.
We have been given assignment to destroy the works of the enemy with the knowledge and understanding that our fight is not against flesh and blood. But why brothers and sisters, have your missions become to stand against your brother and sister that has been set free by the same Lord you claim to serve in the Spirit? 
Instead of going into prayer to demolish strongholds, you are going to your phone to raise up destruction against your fellow laborer in Christ. Instead of diving into God's word to hear God's voice and have a word of encouragement and life for someone around you, you spend your time speaking words filled with hatred, gossip, lies, and tearing apart. 
And then we proudly get dressed for church and stand in the front ready to speak, to sing, to play our instruments, to preach and teach, to share, to invite, and to pray. How can we praise the Lord with the same mouth that we use to kill our brother's spirit?
How can we walk around feeling uplifted and with a right to say what we say, when our words are filled with more demonic back up than Holy Spirit healing. You know, I made up my mind to write what I have on my mind because I'm too old to continue to see what is going on and no one wants to talk about things. I will talk about what is wrong because it is sin

SIN has no place in God's presence and when leaders and those in any position or without position feel they have a right to mistreat others in the name of their own made up gospel, then someone has to stand up and say, "ENOUGH!" If that is all I do for now, it is fine. Enough wounding the wounded. Enough pushing out the believers who come ready to serve. Enough being jealous of what God is doing in someone's life and getting in the way because you can't do it the way they do it. Then get your life together and pray to see what the Lord want you to do and wants to do with your life. Worry about your walk in the Lord and let everyone else be.

Talking About the Issues We Want to Keep Hidden

As I sit here to write, I am writing to the person that considers themselves to be a believer. A believer in God's Word. God's Words as the Truth, the Only Words that lead us to know God's Plan for humanity. I'm writing to people that pray, read their Bibles on a regular basis, and feel that they are doing all they can to live out this Christian walk the best they can. My heart is heavy because I wish I could say things the way they are in my head, but too many will be offended and that's definitely not my intention. But the truth is, we can no longer ignore the Elephant in church. You see, the world has this saying, Deal with the elephant in the room. People come together in meetings or conferences, and they talk about everything else, except the hard issues, the problems, the obvious crisis that need to be dealt with. But, everyone sits around looking at their neighbor and pretends there is no elephant, no heavy pressure, no static between employees, no problems between teams, and the elephant sits there, pressing on everyone's spirit, heart, and mind, ignored, unspoken, yet present.
This is where I have to step it and bring it into the world of believers. What do you feel is your purpose when you start walking the life in Jesus? What is church about, or more, What should it be about? You see, here's the elephant : It's in the people that want to know extreme details about what God has called you to and once they know what it is, they receive this self given ministry to destroy your credibility in front of others, little by little moving into the place you are until you're completely pushed out and they are operating full time in the ministry you had started. The elephant is that group of people that feel their anointing is to investigate what people have to say and they feel led to share with others what they have heard. This group cannot be called the ministry of gossip because a better name would be the ministry of satan. But, because these people are usually in leadership, those affected end up remaining quiet and once more, walking out the church doors, in search for a place to call home, knowing most likely, they will be hurt and used again. They continue wounded, yet hungry to serve the Lord regardless of what so called believers do to them.
The church building, not the church as God's Body, is full of people that need to validate themselves and they get together with other people that inflate them and they do likewise to the others. You see, they keep the unwanted elephant ever present through their false attitudes, their appearance of holiness, yet lack of truth. The walls hold inside many leaders that are corrupt and get away with afflicting genuine believers that know whom they have chosen to follow, and that their life will be one of constant Spiritual Warfare, especially in the church.
The worship leader or musician say they don't want to do this part of ministry any more. So, someone who has been waiting offers to do it and BOOM! Immediately the person that didn't want it anymore now feels called to be the leader to tell the new persons, THE TRULY CALLED, what to do, how to do it and when. People get tired of working with the children or the teens. They complain and say they need to step down and take a break. A couple shares their desire to take the ministry to new heights and BANG, the former leader shows us, angry, offended, declaring they have to be informed of new changes, they need to over see what will happen, thus killing the people that were ready to start something fresh, something that was TRULY from the LORD.
Dear believers, the elephant is standing and taking a huge space in the church building but no one wants to talk about it because its bad. Yet, the Lord is coming for a church that is HOLY. Are we living a life that is right before God or are we living with the ministry of destroying new believers, condemning people, making those that are going into ministry walk away from what they start so you can take over? Are you restoring, building up, encouraging and healing or IS YOUR MINISTRY the one of destruction, breaking apart, gossiping, dividing, planting weeds, lying? This is what I have to say because I'm so tired of what I see each time I sit down with one more broken person that is trying to find a home church, trying to belong to a body of people that represent LOVE, that represent CHRIST. I just have to say it because for right now, I will continue to talk about the issue too many want to ignore- Deal with the ELEPHANT in the church.



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