Thursday, September 29, 2016


Written By Angeline M Duran Santiago
Dedicated with Love to Mom, Socorro Maria 


 I see her sitting on the sofa by the window, looking out into the beautiful front yard. She's turned it into a garden that welcomes visitors and makes passersby smile. I see her staring out into the open street and if you look hard enough, you'll see it's still pretty dark outside, morning has not even begun. 

But, she is awake. She has raced against the sun and she has won. With her worn Bible on her lap, she keeps her eyes forward and someone sitting next to her would think she's waiting for the sunrise, but if you come a little closer you will not see, but hear what I hear. "Good morning, Lord." she whispers. "It's another day for you and me. Here I am, Lord. I love you, heavenly Father and I need you so much this day."

 On and on she goes, talking to her unseen Heavenly Father as if he was her best friend. She seems far away in thought but she has not lost her senses, she is lost in prayer, an intimate conversation with the Lover of her soul, God Almighty. Slowly, tears stream down her cheeks and if you come a little closer you will hear her whisper each name of each of her children, her grandchildren, her loved ones, every one she has ever promised to pray for and those that the Spirit of the Lord impresses upon her heart to wage war for. 

She goes on her knees and she cries out to the Lord, reminding Him to rise up and take His place to defend His children, His anointed ones, His chosen ones. 

She cries out for healing, speaking out God's promises she has highlighted and marked in her old Bible. She looks for scripture verses she can read aloud and reminds the Lord, "I trust in You, My Lord, You are faithful!"

 Although her knees don't have the same strength they used to, and her waist is usually aching, she pushes herself upward and takes the stand of an ancient warrior, one who has defiantly stood in her ground in times of warfare, spiritual warfare that has risen from the depths of darkness against her life and those she holds deep in her heart.

She is a prayer warrior. She is a woman of faith. You may know her. She may remind you of your grandmother, your mom, or you grandfather. She may remind you of someone in your past that prayed with you and guided you through hard times. I know her as my mom, my personal praying partner who rises with the light of the moon still shining upon her rooftop to release blessings upon her children as they go on their way to work and get ready for school. She rises to sing praises to the Lord, hoping her song and her praise is one of the first to fill his throne room before the sun rises to dance before the Lord.


 Lord, protect and surround with your mighty power every ancient warrior that fearlessly rises to pray when we don't pray, when we can't pray and when we forget to pray. Anoint, strengthen and heal every prayer warrior who places others before the altar and rarely if ever, says, "Lord, remember me." Father in heaven, visit every grandma and grandfather, every parent and every church mama who has adopted so many into her womb and rises to wage war against the powers of darkness that come forth to wreck havoc against God's elect.

Lord, thank you for my mom. Thank you for ancient warriors who are fearless. Thank you for what you are doing and will do in her life today and daily. Strengthen her body, her knees and her heart. Flood her home with your presence. 

Fill her life with your glory! Answer prayer and let her hear your voice. Rejoice with her and let her see your face. Shower her with your blessings and let your Spirit be ever so real in her life and in her home. 

I see her by the window, praying for me.  And if you come a little closer, you may just hear her as she prays for you, too. 


Thank you, Mom, our prayer warrior, for your never ending prayers released up to the Lord on our behalf. 
We love you so much. 
May God do even greater things in your life each day!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016


By Angeline M Duran Santiago

Recently, I made some decisions I believe were prayerfully considered. They were serious, complete life changing moments for my family. We took a leap of faith to move to a new home, a new state, to commute long hours daily and acknowledge that our family time would really be quality time when we came together.

I look back at where I was just a few months ago, and even though I cannot lie and tell you that life has been easier, (because it has been filled with new challenges from day one) I can honestly say that I believe God allowed and cleared the path for us to be where we are. Now, I don't know how long our time in our new home will be. I've learned to never get too comfortable where I am because something always happens and we have to move. I have also paid attention to what God is doing and I also have this feeling that God is up to something. Now, when God is in the midst of the changes and the motions that are taking place in our lives, then we have to sit back and let the Lord do what only He can do, because He does all things well. 

It's people, you and me, that get fidgety and uncomfortable because we want the details and we want them now. Lord, I'm struggling here. Lord, what do I do next? God, are you sure this was your leading for us to be here? And for now, I believe that even through the moments that been really difficult, I truly believe God is in the midst of it all. From where I stand, I have to look back and acknowledge that God has been delicately moving in my circumstances as I prayed and wondered, "How long, Lord?" 

Where were we? Where was my heart just a few months ago? I was fighting a battle that I truly felt I was losing. I was engaged in a war that never ceased and I felt I was fighting alone. There were times where I read the Word or prayed and I begged God to strengthen me to stand, stand against the darkness and the plans of the Enemy that seemed to be gaining the advantage in my apartment and in our bodies. Sickness was constant and there were so many moments I asked the Lord to just take me. Only to say, "Sorry, Lord. I will wait upon You and I will trust You."

I can tell you that this journey I've been on has been one of unmasking the Enemy and reminding him that he may have wrecked havoc in my family, but his reign is over. My journey has been one of learning to identify when the devil is masquerading and trying to walk his way into my home. It is there where the Lord has shown me what is coming and what to do. The problem is that when there is strife in the home, we feel alone and we are not able to see that it is "together" as one that we can stand even more powerfully against the principalities that storm their way into our homes and against our family.

I felt alone. I wanted to hide many times. And many times I had told the Lord I was done, done trying. But, God began to put in my heart a longing to move and it's because God was getting ready to change the sails on my boat. He had made a plan that I couldn't see. The Lord took us to a place where we were now not only closer to our family, but the Lord began to provide us with the spiritual family I personally never dared to even dream of having ever again. God began to tug at my heart and challenge me to trust again. You see, I know what it's like to get all hurt and beat up by church folk. I know what it's like to love the Lord with all your heart and want to passionately pursue His presence but "people" who are supposed to lead you closer to God, only push you out and away. I also know what it's like to trust man and forget that we are to serve, trust and please only our Heavenly Father. He is first and above all things, above what we think or know our calling and ministry is. Above family and jobs. Above our talents. Above it all.

We were tied up many times, chained in our hurts, in the wrong that was done to us in the past, and in the issues within our family that instead of helping us become stronger sometimes pushes us apart. We love each other so much and yet sin can come and change everything. We forget that God is greater than our hurts, greater than our needs, greater than the misunderstandings and greater than the abuse we've gone through in life. God is bigger than our fears. He is bigger than our doubts. He is bigger than our worries. God is. God is saying, "Will you trust me?"With eyes closed and my heart full of hope, I said, "Yes, Lord. I will trust You. You alone have been my help."

I think the only thing I don't like about this move is that I get home really late. It doesn't allow me a lot of time with my youngest and attending service during the week is really hard most of the time. I get home when service is either ending or over. So, Sunday has become really important, necessary, like something I really need. I've realized that God knew who we needed in our lives and He had to move us all the way to another part of the world to place the right people in our paths. God always has a purpose but it's so hard for us to see it because we have to wait. The waiting part is really hard, right? But, it's in waiting and trusting the Lord we get to see what only the Lord can do. Not us. The Lord.

I don't know if you're going through some hardships in your home situation right now? I don't know if your marriage is getting hit hard and you've even considered to call it quits. I imagine that if you're like me, sickness has been an issue, your finances have struggled greatly, and maybe your emotional state has been thinned out in such a way, many times you wondered if you were going crazy.

Tonight, I didn't get home on time to go to service. My husband's hours were changed so he won't be home til almost 11:00 pm this week. So, I decided to remind myself that even if I'm alone for a bit this week, even if I don't get to go to church like I had planned, and even if all doesn't go according to "my" plans this week, it's okay.  God's plans are all that matter. 

Lord, I surrender every worry and every care. I confess that I want to do so much, but what I do usually fails because I rush it all. So, yes, as I wait, I also trust You. Lord, help us tonight to thank you for moving us and moving in our situations. Thank you tonight for blessing our families. Thank you tonight for showing us that the devil doesn't have the last say or the last laugh, we do, You do. Lord, thank you for the changes in my life because. You are my strength. You are my hope. In You I place my confidence. My eyes are on You. Lord, I give you charge over my home, my marriage and my children. I place their days and their tomorrows in your hands. I declare that every work of the Enemy, every spirit of darkness and every ruler in high places that rises up against the children of Jehovah, is cancelled, arrested, broken and destroyed. Lord, I thank you for giving us the sight to see when it is time to get up and pray. I thank you for allowing us to get up and know that we have to trust You and seek You. I thank You that you are ever present in our lives and in our homes. Thank you, Lord.

Lord, thank you for moving us. It hasn't been easy. If I said it has been amazing every day, then you- who knows my heart and mind better than myself- well, you know I'd be lying. But, thank you that through the changes, I am seeing Your Glory once again. And that my Lord, is worth a hundred moves if I had to do it all again.

I love You, Lord. Amen.

-Written by Angeline M Duran Santiago

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

10 Things You Should Know About God, Nope, 12.

By Angeline M Duran Santiago

1. God cares.

2. God listens.

3. God wants to help.

4. God is able.

5. God answers.

6. God is powerful, All Powerful.

7. God loves you.

8. You matter to God.

9. God will protect you.

10. God is on your side.

11. God is. 

and a little extra....
12. He will carry you and your burdens if you come to Him.

You should know that if you are struggling, carrying a heavy burden of guilt in your heart, or the problems of this life seem too heavy to carry, that God is asking you to come to Him and give Him everything. Let the Lord help you with everything you are going through. You should know that He will take this heaviness in your heart and in your mind and He will give you peace.

-With Love,
Angeline M Duran Santiago


Written by Angeline M Duran Santiago

As I write, I hope to never share a word that will break you or pull you down. I've lived long enough to know exactly what it feels like to be in that dark place where all you long for is a kind word, a compassionate embrace and for someone, anyone, to help you get up because the weight of your own body feels like tons of emotional baggage that keeps you down. As I write, it is my intention to make you think, to challenge you and hopefully lead you into that place you've been longing to be, a place of hope, freedom and walking in the Lord.

My walk is not perfect. There are days I get angry like most people do. Moments of wondering why another day of unanswered prayer has crept into my calendar has come my way just like I am sure you've had many such days as well. I've learned that God's answer is not always yes, and that I should be grateful when the answer is, "No." because it is a loving parent that will say, "No." They see the downfall is our choosing the wrong path. God knows our beginning and our end.

I am in no ways a perfect mother or a perfect wife. I've made many regretful mistakes in my early years of parenting. It's through God's grace that I've not only learned to do better and seek God more, but I've seen God at work rebuilding my family, one brick at a time. I've learned to surrender my children, my home and my marriage on the Altar, before the feet of My Lord, because I comprehended that on my own, I was failing and everything was breaking apart. So, when I write, I write from knowing what it's like with life is hurting, when family is fighting, when the Enemy has come against us like a Tsunami and when God has stepped in and healing has begun.

There is something within us as people that have been broken through the experiences in our lives, where we are satisfied where we are or we long for something more- a deep change. We attend church services, bible study, counseling and so many other events to find a word that will set us free, a touch that will bring healing and something to fill us like only God can fill us. The routines of once or twice a week Christianity take us through the motions and we never truly experience a change.

"How badly do you want it?
And, No. I'm not talking about sex."

How badly do you want to be free? Truly free?
Do you truly want to be free from the junk that comes against you in your thoughts?
Do you really want to experience the kind of freedom where you can boldly say, "I am trusting in Christ?"
Are you children really important to you? Is there salvation and their life truly important to you?
Do you really want to save your marriage?
Do you want to be free from addictions that are destroying you?

If you truly want to have freedom in your heart and in your mind, you have to do more than be a believer that chooses when to serve God and when to seek God. You need to do more than choose what days you shine for Jesus and what days you blend in with the crowd. You need to walk in faith even with circumstances tell you this situation is hopeless. You need to speak with authority declaring that in Christ you are free, more than an overcomer and fearless and what the Enemy throws your way. You need to believe on Tuesday the way God told you to believe on Sunday. You need to cry out to God the same way to cried out to God on that altar just a few days ago. You need to hunger for God's presence on Wednesdays and Thursdays, when you're at work, during lunch time, on the train and as you shower.

How badly do you want it?
Then you have to go for it. 
Remember, if ever, a time where you really wanted to buy something but didn't have enough cash? In my teen years, there was "lay away" in most stores. Many of the clothes I had came from weeks of having clothes on lay away until I had saved enough to take them out. Later on, with furniture, I did the same thing. And of course, when I wanted to have enough for a down payment to purchase a home, I gave up almost everything in order to save that last penny and save that money.

Well then, if we go out of our way to save money for what we want or need, why don't we take out time to invest our lives in saving ourselves and taking the time, making the time, investing the time and even sacrificing the time to get closer to the Lord? Do you think the Enemy rests? Do you think he takes a break in looking for ways to discourage you and take you back into that dark place in your past? Do you think he sits down and leaves you alone? No! So then you and I have to pray as much as we can. We need to take moments, big or small to read scripture. It has to be a habit just like your cup of coffee in the morning may be a habit. 

Coming before God has to be part of your next breath. How badly do you want it? You get up, even if you're sick, to go to work. You will miss church on Sunday mornings but you won't go to service. Not because there's anything special there, but because we need God's presence and when we come together with others who are crying out to God, I'm telling you that God shows up. I know that what I get on Sundays takes me through the week. But, that's not enough. I have to be plugged in to messages of faith and renewal every other day of the week. I have to keep my mind on the Lord every other day. I have to depend on God but also declare that I belong to Him and only Him, not just church days, always. 

How badly do you want to be free?
Then you have to make a choice to truly seek the Lord.
There are many religious points of views. There are schools of thoughts that tell you all you need is to reach out to Philosophy and you can be happy. Others tell you there is no need for a Biblical perspective because there is the seeking of wisdom or the scientific approach that leads you to a higher understanding of what life is all about. I guarantee you that if you cry out to God, there will be an answer. There will be a stir in your life if from that deep place of hurt or need you sincerely ask the Lord to come into your life and do something new.

When you think your life is over, God is ready to do something great and totally amazing in you! When you cry out, "It's over! I'm done!" God says, "Good. That's what I wanted to hear so that I can now step in and show you it's a new beginning." When you want to end it all because it's too much to bear, God says, "Give me a moment of your time. You are valuable to me. I love you. Wait on me. Let's walk through this together. I will not abandon you."

I pray that tonight, if you are at a point where you really need God to do something new in your life that you will truly surrender completely to Him. Tonight is a great moment to let go and let God pour out his love into your life. Be blessed!

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