Saturday, August 31, 2013

Saturday Cleaning and Dancing Marathon

Time is going by quickly. Students return to school in a few days and before you know it, we'll be taking out our sweaters and warm jackets, getting ready for hayrides and apple picking that will lead us right into giving thanks, sharing a turkey dinner and then get ready for Santa. Time is going by too quickly.

So, today I'm on a mission to get my house ready for all these upcoming celebrations. It all starts out with my sons celebrating their birthdays in September. To me, that's a sign to start redecorating, changing everything in the apartment and that Summer is somewhat officially over.

Saturday Plan:

Let's take care of me and then the house. If you know me, you know I'm brewing some coffee. I have my cornbread ready. Wish I could send you some.

FIrst, taking laundry out to be washed and dried. I have a long week ahead and don't want this burden on my mind. Maybe you're like me and you don't have the energy or desire to get things like housework or laundry done every day. So when the enthusiasm is there, take advantage and do all you can for the days when you're lazy, tired, or not feeling well. 

Back home so soon? Great!

Now, put on some fast paced, energetic happy music for dancing to get the day going. Click on video and leave it on as you read. It's one of my favorites.

I think the kitchen is crying
out, "Me first!" So, let's get 
this party started.

Heavy duty mopping next.

Get that bathroom spotless.

Clean dish pantry and change summer dishes to fall dishes. 

Change all the curtains,
bathroom included

Put away summer pillows 
on sofa and take out 
everything autumn

Open up trunk and pull out 
all the fall decor

Purchase autumn color candles with harvest/fall scents

Change all the linens/quilts 
and put out the pretty ones 
with autumn colors.

 I'm in the mood for yellows and oranges to take small spaces of this apartment and make it warm like the glow of pumpkin spice next to pine cones pouring out the aroma of cinnamon. The throws I put away will have been rinsed and now I can place them 
on the sofa for cool days up ahead.

I guarantee, I don't wake up wanting to do this every Saturday. Some days I want to be a slug on a rug and stay in bed, pretend nothing has to be done. But, ladies and gents, if we don't come together as a family to make our home beautiful, our family will not want to be in a messy, confusing home. So, even if it's one thing on your list, get it done, and get it done with joy and the best way you can!

Happy Getting Ready for Fall Cleaning! 

Friday, August 30, 2013

Lord, My Marriage is in Your Hands

A soft breeze sneaks in through the kitchen window, making the old lace curtains sway back and forth as if fanning themselves for comfort from the muggy warmth filling the kitchen. The sun rose a few hours ago but the sky seems unable to recognize it. Clouds still hover by somehow announcing rain. The drip, drip, dripping of wet clothes hanging from the upstairs clothesline falls heavily on the metal window awning that covers my kitchen window.

I am not alone. Everyone is still in bed. The rooms are dimly lit as some daylight struggles to push through uneven window blinds. It's going to rain. I feel it. The light passing through is so weak, one would think it's getting ready to be nighttime, not the start of a new day.

Reaching the last bedroom, I see him. He is sleeping. I don't know if he smells the coffee I hold in my hands. It's very warm. I love it really hot and he likes it just right, warm but not so hot it burns your lips. He is in dreamland and I wonder if I should wake him.

My eyes remain upon him. He has worked so hard all week. When overtime was offered, he was quick to say, "Yes." He thought of our children, the home, the bills. He thought of me. Of us. 

At one point, I didn't believe in us any more.Disappointments and misunderstandings can turn into hurts and unforgiveness.  So many times I just wanted to let go and start anew. Then, the Lord would remind me, as He is doing now, "I am doing a new thing. Can you perceive it?"

The Lord that forgives me expects me to have a heart that is willing and able to forgive.

The Lord that lifts me up when I am down desires me to be willing to lift someone that is discouraged, up to a place of feeling wanted, strong and able to go on. I look at my husband and wonder, "Lord, how did you do it? How did you bring us back together when we were falling apart? How did you restore the love when all I felt was hurt? 

When did our love become stronger and it felt like we couldn't live unless we were together?" You see, that is what started to happen when I surrendered it all to the Lord and today, the truth is, I don't know if we can ever be separated. The Lord has brought healing, restoration and so much in us that I know God can do for you, too.

The things we did that once kept us close like prayer and trusting the Lord together became ancient in our busy days filled with work and family. They pulled us apart. We have to go back to placing the Lord first. When God is in the center of our family it is impossible to fail. At least that is what I believe. It is what I see and am living.

Placing down the cups of coffee on the opened ironing board, love fills my heart and compassion for my husband overtakes me. We expect a prince and a king when we get married but no man really knows how to play the part. Our expectations can easily be destroyed if we are not able to be content with just being loved in the only way our husband knows how to love. 

I sit next to him and place my hand on his shoulder. "Coffee time....Do you want some coffee?" A huge smile opens upon his face. Beautiful eyes, the eyes I have always loved looking into open up and he turns towards me. "Good morning,honey" making an ugly face,  he says, "Of course I want coffee!" 

As I begin to get up to go get the cups, big arms grab me down and he tackles me down into a bear hug. This is his romantic way of saying thank you and I wouldn't want it any other way. "Do you want me to get something else for the coffee?" he asks. "I made some goodies and left them on a plate on the kitchen counter if you want to get them." He gets up quickly, throwing my collection of pillows on top of me and goes off to get the plate. 

Outside my window, the strong pitter patter of raindrops have begun and I open the window blinds to observe the falling rain. Let it rain, Lord. Fill the earth with your love. Rain here in our home. Let showers of love and mercy rain in our hearts. Reign in us, Lord.

My husband is not perfect. Neither am I. We've had many ups and downs, times of great disappointment and times of amazing rejoicing and celebration. Through it all, he is still the King (So he says) and I am his Queen ( my peasant) he calls me to bother me. He makes me laugh and that's what I love most.I don't know how your relationship or marriage is. I don't know where you feel it is right now. If it's breaking apart, going through uncertainty, or everything is great only you know this.  Love one another and accept one another the way each one is. Don't try to change the other person. Receive their love for you. And if they're still making you smile, having pillow fights, stealing kisses around the kids, or just enjoying coffee and snacks in bed while it pours outside, then chances are you can work things out. 

We have. And we will continue to work through our difficult times, not because we know it all, but because we have placed our relationship in God's hands. That's a safe place and a sure place to keep us strong.

Sometimes we expect love to look a certain way when real love is staring us right in the face in an unexpected way. If something has happened in your marriage, may our story inspire you to believe, turn to the Lord and have faith that God can heal broken hearts and pour showers of love, that can make new seeds of love flourish strongly and forever. 

If in any way our story can help you in your marriage, then it has been worth sharing, if only for one couple. Don't give up on your marriage until you've prayed and waited on the Lord. The best is yet to come!

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When I Think of You and a Cup of Coffee

I thought of the smile that would stretch across your face today as you joined me for some coffee. I don't know if that's what you're having at the moment, but I made some just for me. Smells amazing!

In my mind, I imagined us sitting together and just sharing what's been going on. Maybe, like me, you have a few books on the table. None of them are new. But, since I haven't had the chance to get new ones,  I'm rereading some favorites. A little crazy perhaps, but rereading a book is like visiting an old friend. You go to the same place and person, but you can always discover something new, something you didn't see before. 
So, maybe you've placed them aside so we can share the cup of coffee with some cheddar cheese and crackers. Butter? Yes, I'll get the butter, too.

You might not want to share, so I'll go first. It's been a rough week. There have been so many things left incomplete and with back to school only a few days away, I feel ill prepared in sending my son back to school, a new school. But, you're right. He's going to be alright. I know. I'm going to have to get time off to meet the teachers and explain so much to them, but you're right. These crackers do disappear when I dip them in the coffee.

Really? You had a difficult week, too? Those people at work just getting on your last nerve. Believe me, I understand. I've had to deal with people like that too. 
Wish we could go gangsta on some of them sometimes, right, like those movies where the good guy really knows how to kick butt and everyone is like Woosh and Kaboom, flying all over the place. Nah, they're not worth it. Don't worry. You just keep doing what you know is right and God will take care of the rest. He always does. I'm telling you, it's going to be alright. 

Aww. Here. It's ok. If you need to cry then cry because sometimes we just need to let it come forth and there's such a change afterwards. We are going to get through this together. You and me. Yes we are. I'm right here. You're not walking through this storm alone. Here, have some more coffee. How about some coffee cake? No? Well, now you know how I gained so much weight. You should see me when I start PMSing  Chocolate time!

Back to me? Well, I thought I wasn't going to make it. I had nowhere else to go but to the Lord. I'm telling you, I was ready to quit, to give up, to run off into the desert and blame my parents for the day they created me. Oh, yes, I'm telling you, nothing was going right. I was so angry. And then, God's mercy showed up. Yes siree, it dawned on me that I was being foolish and childish and that it's ok to go through the storms and come out somewhat banged up and bruised up a bit. What matters is that we remain believing and not give up.

No, you're not giving up! You're going to keep going. God's working in your life, child. The best is yet to come. Believe me, I was feeling just like you only a few days ago and look at me now. Feel like I can get up on this coffee table and break dance. (Hammer time!)

I knew I could make you smile. Dear Friend, I promise you will not walk alone through your desert. We can get through this one day at a time. God is in the business of answering prayer. God loves you and will comfort you through this heavy time in your heart.

No. You are not alone and your life is not over. Oh my goodness, how could you believe that lie? Look in the mirror by the door. Look really hard and what do you see? I see an amazing person. Perfect in every way because God doesn't make junk. Even while you were just starting to be formed in your mother's womb, God already knew your name, your hair color, your good days and your crappy days. He's provided your way out of sadness and into joy, unspeakable joy!
I'm so glad you're feeling better. 

You gotta go? Sure. I know. Oh, it's been so great having you over. Can we do this again. No. No. Anytime. We still have this whole "Seeing God in the Storm" thing to talk about. 
You have a great day now and don't you worry. Call me anytime if you need to talk or just cry over the phone. I'm here for you, for real. God really cares for you my friend. And I do, too.

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Getting PreK Students to Leave the Park

So I gave in today. I'm guilty! I gave in under the pressure, (LOL) peer pressure. 

The sky was cloudy and I could feel rain drawing close. I knew it was time to leave the park and I wanted the kids to line up quickly. Lord knows, I didn't want to get caught with a downpour and a group of students walking back to the school.

Me: Ok, it's time to line up.

Student: But I don't want to go. I want to play more.

Me: Hmmm. I remember talking about being a good listener. If you remember what I said, you should be lining up. I know you want to play but we must go.

Student: No, I want to keep playing.

Me: That's too bad. I will only take good listeners that line up really fast to the park tomorrow. When it gets cold and when we can't go to the park, I can take all the great listeners on a field trip to a special place.

Student: Be quiet everybody, Ms. Angie is taking us to the circus tomorrow.

My heart skipped a beat and my mind was like, "What? Now when did I say that?"

Kids start jumping up and down and cheering as we start walking.

Me: I didn't say I'm taking you to the circus tomorrow. I said, When it gets colder, we will go on a field trip. But, no, sorry, not today or tomorrow.

Student: I'm afraid of clowns. Do I have to touch the clowns?

Me: I'm sorry you're afraid of clowns. Maybe we can talk about it later and you'll see they're pretty cool. We're not going to the circus. Let's walk quickly. Looks like rain is coming.

Student: When I was little, (ok, really?) my mom took me to the circus.

Me: Wow. That's wonderful. Let's keep walking.

Student1: Are we going to see the elephants?

Me: Maybe one day but not today or tomorrow. We have to hurry. 

Student1: When I was little (ok, he's only 4, but anyways) I touched an elephant's nose.

Student2: You're a liar. Elephants don't have a nose, they have a trunk.

Me: You're smart to know they have trunks but no one here is a liar. Let's use good words, happy words so that all our friends can be happy.

Student: Hooray! Ms Angie is happy because we're going to the circus! We're going right now everybody!

Me: Yes, we'll go one day but not today or tomorrow. Let's get ready to cross the street. We're going back to school. I've planned some fun things to do when we get back.

Student: When we get to the school we're going to the circus?

Me: No sweetie. Not today. I'll let you know when we can go to the circus.

Students: Hooray! We CAN go to the circus! You see, I told you!

Children start to dance and chant: "We're going to the circus! We're going to the circus!"

OK, so after feeling defeated after trying to get them to understand the whole "today, tomorrow, in the future concept", I must admit, I am guilty as charged. I decided to no longer fight it.

( Well, if you can't beat them, join them)

It didn't matter if we were going today, tomorrow, when I turn one hundred or if an elephant has a nose or a trunk. What matters is that no matter what I say, they're convinced, we're on our way to the circus. So, being the crazy me and can be at times,  I joined in the song and we walked for about nine blocks, singing at the top of our lungs, 

"We're going to the circus! We're going to the circus!' To the tune of Everybody Conga, join along, "We're going to the circus!"


Monday, August 26, 2013

Mistakes, Failures, and Starting Over.....

There are countless mistakes I've made in the past few years. I think about it, and I can assure you, fear has been the greatest reason for the poor choices and following the wrong advice. Fear. It enters your heart and freezed you. It overtakes you and makes you feel like you can't take another step forward. Little by little, you start losing who you are until you no longer remember who you were or you started dieing a little each day.

Even for someone who has faith and believes God can do anything in a life, fear and insecurity can come and overtake you in such a way, that you feel completely lost. I've been there. I've felt alone in the waiting room area of my life, alone in the hopelessness of not knowing what to do or where to turn when everything around me was falling apart and I had no one to turn to. Yes, I prayed and I waited, and in my desperation I crashed. Oh, how hard it is to get back again. Not too long ago, someone would look at my life and say I had it all. Or at least trying to live decently. A few horrible events in my life taking place one after the other pushed me to a place I never imagined being before. I lost my confidence, my desire to get up and keep going, and the only reason I still got up to face each day was my son Jacob, literally.

The events that took place, one after the other, removed the life that once gave me the desire to keep going. I tried to get up after feeling absorbed by a deep darkness emotionally. I did. Through prayer and seeking the Lord, I pushed myself to get out of a depressive state and went back to work. I lost my home, and everything that seemed my security. I ended up having to give away all my furniture because I had to move my family into an apartment after having a big house. In the midst of it all, I put on new strength and tried to keep going. 

I'm not going to lie to you, my marriage was strained and my children were affected. My ignorance cost me so much. The Lord still watched over my family and kept us together. The last foolish thing I did was this year.  I listened to the advice I thought was the best advice and I resigned from my position as teacher. You see, fear can make you see things in ways you shouldn't. I went from financially secure to broke and taking any kind of work I could get, even a daycare that offers a few cents over minimum wage and makes you feel you should be grateful to be hired. So many degrees, experience and years of preparing myself for something greater and here I am, nothing to celebrate because there is no accomplishment. I had even started preparing to be work in leadership and administration. All my classes were passed with flying colors, but after resigning, I couldn't continue to pay or take classes without being under a supervisor for my internship.

Reality smacked me today as I read something. My life is not over. Don't think I'm predicting or proclaiming my defeat. Yes, there are great setbacks at the moment and I am seeking what to do to be able to get my teaching job back and yes, one day work in the school leadership as I've desired for years. But, today, I've just had a fall, a few steps, ok, a hundred steps backwards. It is not my end. I am not a plan aborted and dead. There is still reason to get up in the morning and keep going. True. I am not where I should have been today. This is not the future I had envisioned but it is part of learning from mistakes. Fear cannot have a place in the life of a believer or the life of someone that wants to move forward. 

Fear came into my life through a tragic event, going home on the bus one day after work. It showed up again through being hurt at work countless times and not knowing what to do to protect myself and get the right compensation and help. I allowed people to pretend to have my best interest in mind and to get them to leave me alone from constant threats, I gave in and resigned. Resignation. I never once allowed that to be part of my vocabulary but I am living the results of my mistakes.

Fear. Fear makes you put the covers over your head and go back to sleep. Fear tells you to give up and that no one cares if you show up or not. Fear freezes your dreams and goals. Fear isolates you in such a way, you stay indoors. Fear replaces faith and tricks you into believing you've prayed enough, believed enough, and don't need to fight anymore.

I decided to write this today because I think today I was fed up. Fed up with part time work that won't pay one eighth of what I usually made in a week. I'm tired of trying to be the good person who is respectful, kind and understanding all the while I'm being stabbed in the back and kicked in the rear. No, wait, I love being kind and loving, but today I just felt like aaahhh! Today, I'm angry enough to speak to that part of me that has been asleep in la la land for too long.  Wake up! I hear someone within me shouting. Wake up! It's time to live again. It's time to dare and be bold again. It's time to fight again. I don't know how and I don't even know who the Lord will place in my path to try to take back what is mine, what I worked hard for, but I need to get up and be me again. I used to like who I was and  I miss her. Wow, did I just expose myself before the world? Mistakes happen. They don't define us permanently. Mistakes can be stepping stones into a better tomorrow.

Perhaps you've gone through similar or worse situations. Your story is nothing compared to mine. I don't want you to join me in a pity party. I think one way to get up again is to confess our failures and mistakes and make a declaration to move past that area of your life. I want my kids to feel proud of their mom again. You want to feel good about yourself again. If you feel broken and lost in your current situation, I understand you and know that you can get up and out of that situation. Stop waiting for things to happen and work on getting things done. God will walk with you through it all if you just believe you are not alone like I thought I was. We are not alone. Fear is a lie. I pray you can rise up to fulfill every dream and every goal, just as I begin my journey to reclaim what is mine, in Jesus Name. Amen.

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Thursday, August 22, 2013


From a faraway place, lost in a dream, she hears someone calling out to her. Although every inch of her skin reacts to the voice, the dream beckons her to remain here, hidden in the past. 

Once more, the voice calls out, "Mom." 

An invisible puppeteer moves unseen ropes, firmly connected to her body and forcefully pulls her up and around. Like a marionette, unable to know where it is being taken, she obeys the Master Puppeteer. Heavy legs are led forward, in the dark, thick, piercing dark and into the beam of light where the door opens into the waiting eyes of her son waiting, "Mom is here."

Shaking off the shadows of dreamland and blinking eyes to focus on the reality before her, "mom" looks around to assess what is happening and why she is here. 

The child on the bed is in need of comfort. Bad dreams like a thief in the night have come. A nightmare, a visitation of darkness and fear walked in and screamed into the child's inner peace and attacked the serenity of childhood delights during night time.

The puppeteer releases the ropes,breathes into her and disappears. Sleepy and heavy with tiredness, she takes a deep breath and fully awakens. Her child knows what to expect when mom enters to face the nightmares. "Get ready to run, monsters, mom's in the house!"

 Light, unseen in the natural, translucent and bright begin to take form like thousands of sparkling diamonds in mid air. The shine turns into armor, still unseen to those not trained as mothers are, and as mom peers into her son's confident eyes, the armor swirls around her in uncontrolled speed and dresses  mom for battle.

Confident and ready, mom draws her sword and looks around the room. The nightmares and shapeless shadows in dreamland must surely still be present. The bedroom is cold and chills caress her bare feet. A penetrable heaviness pounds upon her chest attempting to pierce her heart and her spirit with fear.

Mom, the warrior, turns slightly and sees the uninvited guests sprawled upon the upper right corner of the wall and another, sitting menacingly near the blue bean bag near the bookcase. 

She readies to speak, for she will say it only once, clearing her throat and filling her mind with the Name of the One that created her armor. "Foul spirit and shadows that dare appear to bring fear and torment at this time of the night, you have no authority to be here." The images grow grotesquely and begin to laugh hysterically, challenging mom to a debate of words. Mom will not entertain their debate. She draws her sword and runs towards the one sitting near the blue bean bag. Swiftly swinging her sword and commanding it to leave in the name of her God, El Shaddai, she strikes it down.

As the other one climbs higher upon the wall, she climbs on top of the boxes holding legos, and plunges her sword upward. Reminding all the host of darkness this bedroom belongs to the Mighty One, she keeps the Sword upon the shadow and begins to sing a battle song, a declaration of God's Reign and Victory over her son. As the form falls in defeat, she returns to battle ready stance, just in case.

Darkness and every assigned nightmare dissipate like grey mist leaving only a stench like wet sneakers left out in the rain. Mom continues the song, a lullaby caressing her son back to slumber. Her armor slowly disappears, leaving only the glittery reminder of the Light and Power that protected her. She looks around, feeling something powerful and beautiful and sees the back of angel wings leaving her son's bedroom and entering the living room. 

Refreshed by the victory over darkness, mom kisses her son who has peacefully returned to blessed sleep and walks into the living room. Countless angels fill the room, moving ever so quickly in circles, around and around in the space, creating a hedge of protection and promising to watch over her home and her family as they sleep.

With a heart full of gratefulness, mom walks through each bedroom until she is entering her own. The tiny sparks of a sun soon rising push through the window blinds. She looks at her cell phone and sees she still has two hours to rest. 

"Thank you, Lord, for another victory over the darkness." She lays her head on her pillow and realizes something heavy by her waist. A sword. The armor was gone but the sword had remained. "Oh yes, Lord, you want me to be ready for the next battle." Yawning and covering herself with her blanket she smiles, "Bring it on."

Fiction, fantasy or forever a dream, 
you decide what this was. 

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Remembering P.S.250 in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Dedicated to Ms. Maria Scarpinito Quail. I'm forever grateful.

As I help my youngest son get ready for Middle School, a sadness fills my heart because I know I will no longer be picking him up from PS250. It is the school my two brothers and I attended as children, and I continued the tradition by having my three children go there as well. 

You would have found me as a student in PS250 when songs like "Making It", "Hotline" and "Car Wash" were played in the auditorium and you prayed Mr. Quail would call your class to go up and dance on stage. I was there when they still sang, "God Bless America" and "Bless This House". My brothers and I were there when there were no air conditioners in the classroom and recess was everyday after lunch. We were students when platform shoes, polyester suits, kulot pants and bell bottoms were still cool. Charlie's Angels was on TV and Batman with Adam West was our exposure to superheroes.

When I was a child, PS250 was a very special place. It was truly not only my second home, but a place where I loved being. I don't remember many teacher names, I guess, except the ones that really made an impression in my life. The ones that matter stay a part of you forever.

I remember feeling special and not just one more kid in the way. Mornings began with a welcome that came directly from the principal, Mr. Yacavone and later, Mr. Quail. I remember Mr. Quail the most. He visited our classroom, and I believe each classroom, every morning. "Good morning, children." He'd say and we'd answer. "Good morning, Mr. Quail." 

We weren't just students. He knew each one of us by name and knew our sibling's in the school, their teacher and our parent's names. He knew things about us and our lives as if he were part of our family. I don't remember him every yelling. He showered us with attention and seemed to care so much that we worked because we wanted to please him. He counseled with love and patience and made us feel like winners every day. 

The most memorable person in PS250 for me was my fourth and fifth grade teacher, Ms. Maria Scarpinito. Later on, she would also be my youngest brother Alexis' teacher. She really encouraged and motivated me as a learner.  More and more each day she nurtured my love for reading and writing. My teacher was caring, always going out of her way to make sure all students were learning, and she made you believe you could be anything you wanted to be in life. It was this teacher that saw my artwork and entered my work into different poster and art contests that I was able to win. It was the beginning of many more art competitions I'd enter and win, up until age twenty.

Ms. Scarpinito saw my love for reading and exposed me to all genres of books. Those books became my writing mentors, my ticket to other worlds, and my inspiration for stories, songs, and poems. I remember one day she gave me a book she said would be very special for someone like me that loved poetry. She introduced me to a thesaurus. I spent countless hours writing poems and then selecting words to change using the thesaurus. I must have driven her crazy with all the stuff I wrote, but she made a big deal about each piece, always.   

I looked forward to writing because when she read it, she always had uplifting comments she'd write on it and that made me want to write more. During Library period, she directed me to chapter books and poetry books. While other students were selecting just anything, I thrived on classics I would later reread or need for college.

Some special moments that are permanently engraved in my mind are a time I believe was St. Patrick's Day, and Ms. Scarpinito brought in green bagels with cream cheese. For Christmas, she read us one of her favorite books, "The Velveteen Rabbit." I loved it so much I told my mom about it. When I was pregnant with my first child, my mom found an original copy at a library sale and bought it, dedicating it to my daughter and the memory of my beloved teacher. I remember performing in Oliver and other short plays. She was the model I would follow as I became a teacher later on. 

In PS250, I was able to get the confidence to do many things in life. Being in the choir with Mr. Wachenheimer, gave me the courage to stand before crowds to sing and speak. It didn't happen over night, but later in life, I felt fearless. We had a time of Current Events in Ms. Scarpinito's class, where we pretended to be the News Team that week and I loved bringing forth the news using art, music and charts.

The lessons I learned in PS250 really prepared me for my continued education. But, I believe it was the love, dedication and belief in who we were as children and students that were the true unforgettable lessons learned. It was this one teacher that encouraged my own dreams to be a teacher one day. Ms Scarpinito saw the many talents and abilities growing in me and went out of her way to place me in the path to making those dreams come to pass. While others saw me shy and ordinary, she dared me to fly. 

One day I look forward to publishing and  illustrating children's stories. My mom and Ms. Scarpinito planted that desire in my life. During college I wrote and illustrated short stories that went on to be shared with schools and children all over New York City. 

To conclude, PS250 was a magical place for students, and that's why it was extremely important for my three children to be there, even though they didn't get the blessing to have Ms. Scarpinito as a teacher. They did, for a short time, have the blessing of having Mr. Quail as principal. I will never have the way or words to say, "Thank you" to those leaders that engraved in me beautiful memories that allowed me to flourish and bloom as a child. 
Ms. Scarpinito~Quail will always be the most wonderful example of an amazing teacher. To her I will always be grateful. To her I dedicate this blog in hopes that teachers everywhere will have in mind that as children we do remember the good and the bad moments. So, why not be the good memories of children that forever live.

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PS250 George H Lindsey School 108 Montrose Ave Brooklyn, NY 11206



By Angeline M Duran Santiago  The storm rages on and the winds buffet the lands in violent twirls. Some say it is the season for hur...